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Safety Sense

Together, We Can (And Must) End Family Fire

(NAPSI)—Our greatest treasures are our loved ones. Many a sermon has emphasized the importance of children, siblings and parenting. These are gifts from God, and more valuable than anything … more
Coffee Facts & Figures

Drink To Your Health

(NAPSI)—If you’re like 64 percent of Americans, you drink a cup of coffee every day. While many coffee drinkers still prefer their coffee black in its most natural form, coffee tastes … more
Health Matters

Sickle Cell: One Gene, Many Faces, And A Quest For A Cure

(NAPSI)—In 2000, a mysterious disease was making 3-year-old Mercy Mendoza so ill that her grandmother bought a burial plot for her in the little town in Honduras where they lived. Swelling, … more

Medicare And You

(NAPSI)—Whether you’re new to Medicare or an established beneficiary, take a close look at Medicare Advantage plans during this year’s open enrollment period. Those policies may … more
Hints For The Home

Kitchen Contamination: How To Keep Your Family Safe

(NAPSI)—The next time you need to wipe up a spill, health expert Dr. Charles Gerba, Professor of Environmental Microbiology, University of Arizona, aka "Dr. Germ," warns: don't always … more
Making Life Better

After The Storm: Coping With The Trauma Caused By Natural Disasters

(NAPSI)—The sense of shattered safety and loss after a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, can wage a long-term emotional toll on everyone involved, according to AmeriHealth Caritas, a … more
Health Awareness

Rural Americans Face Greater Challenges In Accessing Cancer Care, According To New National Survey

(NAPSI)—Nearly double the number of Americans in rural areas versus nonrural areas reported having an insufficient number of cancer doctors near where they live. This is one of the many … more
Health Bulletin

North Carolinians Urged To Get Flu Shots Following Record-Breaking Flu Season

(NAPSI)—The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that can develop into mild to severe illnesses or even death—yet too many people don’t realize how … more
Health Awareness

Managing Moderate Pain Three Ways

(NAPSI)—Based on a recent report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some fifty million Americans – more than one in five – can be estimated to have recurring pain symptoms. … more
Health Awareness

Dos And Don’ts For Managing High Blood Pressure During Cold And Flu Season

(NAPSI)—Colds and flu bring special considerations for people with high blood pressure, especially those on blood pressure medication. Here’s how to keep your blood pressure stable: DO: … more
Mothers And Babies

Keeping Mom And Child Healthy After Gestational Diabetes

(NAPSI)—Gestational diabetes is something to be concerned about after and not just during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is diabetes that is found for the first time when a woman is pregnant. … more
Medicare And You

Your Medicare Open Enrollment To-Do List

(NAPSI)—Medicare’s annual enrollment period is now underway, and runs from October 15 to December 7, 2018. You may be happy with your current Medicare coverage, but it pays to shop … more
Ask A Foot And Ankle Surgeon

When Should I Worry About My Child's Foot Pain?

(NAPSI)—When a child experiences leg pain, parents might not consider the foot as the source, even though some foot disorders can also cause symptoms in the leg. When it comes to foot-related … more
Now Hear This

Hearing Aids That Suit The Modern Lifestyle

(NAPSI)—Whether heading to the gym before work, meeting up with friends for dinner, or flying across the country for a business trip, if you’re like many people, your life seems busier … more
Healthful Eating

More Matters: Millennials Leading The Way To Increased Vegetable Consumption

(NAPSI)—Much has been written about millennials and their impact on society. It appears their influence extends to diet and nutrition—and may help make fruits and vegetables more accessible and … more

Medi-Cal Coverage To Smile About

(NAPSI)—More than a third of Californians receive health care through Medi-Cal, and while most members know that dental coverage is included, many do not use the benefit. The Medi-Cal Dental … more
Health Awareness

After Stroke Strikes, What Comes Next?

(NAPSI)—The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, the world’s leading voluntary health organization devoted to fighting cardiovascular disease and stroke, wants stroke … more
Pointers For Mothers-To-Be

Preparing For Motherhood: How To Protect Your Health And Your Growing Baby

(NAPSI)—Pregnancy is an exciting time, from decorating the nursery to reading every parenting book available. The most important thing expecting moms can do for themselves and their baby is to … more
Heart Health

Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke

(NAPSI)—An estimated 2.7 million Americans are living with a condition that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart-related complications. Fortunately, a leading health … more
Hints For Homeowners

Healthy Air, Healthy Home

(NAPSI)—In the last several years, a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even … more
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