Did You Know?


(NAPS)—A war memoirs, “When the Tempest Gathers” by Andrew Milburn, two high-stakes thrillers, “The DNA of You And Me” by Andrea Rothman and “The Midnight Call” by Jode Millman on audiobook and, for relief, “Your Auric Forcefield” by Matthew Fifeforaite, a guide to harmony are available through BookBites at www.BookTrib.com

Eating for health means increasing whole foods such as California straw.berries while cutting back on processed foods high in sugar, salt, and saturated fats. Eat a balanced diet to build a strong immune system over time, advises registered dietitian Colleen Wysocki. Learn more at www.californiastrawberries.com

When it comes to protection from school intruders, parents, teachers and others may be relieved to know that the nonprofit International Window Film Association has a free, downloadable guide at www.iwfa.com/consumers that explains what Security Window Film can do.

While many are adapting to new rou.tines, the etiquette of expressing sympa.thy has not changed. When you can’t be there to support those in mourning, a thoughtful food basket, plant or flowers can help. Learn more at 1800Flowers.com and 1-866-538-2259.

If you’re anticiapting being home for a while, you may be glad to know you can still keep fit. One solution is the Bowflex JRNY app, featuring a personal fitness coach and custom workouts; it’s available on the Bowflex Max Total and Bowflex BXT216 treadmill. Learn more at www.bowflex.com

By following a few simple steps, businesses of any size can find the right technology to meet their needs, advises Claire Alexander, GM at Capterra, which provides business with access to important information. To learn more, go to www.capterra.com

PayActiv, the leading provider of employee earned wage and tip access, has waived its access fees until further notice to help employers compensate their workers immediately, so that they don’t have to wait the two-week pay cycle. Over 1,000 employers across healthcare, retail, food services, and more have already signed up. To get wages to your workers immediately, contact www.payactiv.com

A great way to welcome California avocado season is with the Savory Tart of California Avocado. For more California avocado recipes, visit the California Avocado Commission at www.CaliforniaAvocado.com.

A major American corporation with a strong track record of action and suc.cess, Whirlpool, has raised the bar on its environmental commitments and accelerated the progress of short- and long term goals that meet or exceed environmental regulations. Learn how at www.whirlpool.com.   

This Mother’s Day, you may not be able to be with your Mom in person but you can still honor her in thoughtful ways that don’t require person-to-person contact. Find many inspiring ideas at 1-800-Flowers.com.

With the advent of COVID-19, mushroom farms are building on their strong foundations of safety, quality and excellence to continue to provide a popular, nutritious “superfood” to the public. Learn more from the American Mushroom Institute at www.american.mushroom.org

With healthcare workers facing critical shortages of personal protec.tive equipment, a new initiative called #GearUp, spearheaded by consumer financial services company Synchrony, equips frontline public health personnel and first responders with protective gear. Learn how to help at www.synchrony.com/gearup.html.  Learn more at www.synchrony.com/coronavirus

A dirty HVAC system works harder and needs replacement sooner. A clean system more easily maintains temperature, uses less energy, and saves you money while you breathe clean, says the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Learn more at www.BreathingClean.com. View money-saving ideas at https://youtu.be/hImvxVyZvQE

For older adults and caregivers won.dering where to find aging resources and support on COVID-19, the Eldercare Locator, a public service of the U.S. Ad.ministration for Community Living, can connect them to agencies that can help find vital local resources. Call 800-677.1116 visit www.eldercare.acl.gov. A natural solution to boost immunity may be right in your refrigerator. Loaded with vitamin C, zinc and antioxidants, Limoneira Lemons can help your health and, when used as a cleaner, give your home a fresh smell. For “green cleaning” with lemon tips, visit www.Limoneira.com/cleaning