Did You Know?


(NAPS)—People with arthritis, back pain and muscle aches can get fast, effective relief with the Salonpas Pain Relief Patch Large. It’s FDA approved and is the strongest labeled pain reliever you can buy without a prescription. The patch begins to work in one hour. Learn more at https://us.hisamitsu/

Long-term care insurance pays for help if you can’t perform everyday tasks by yourself due to illness, injury, or age. It’s expensive but the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program can help. Learn more at 800-LTC-FEDS and www.LTCFEDS.com

A National Kidney Founda.tion-Harris Poll found low levels of awareness of the risk of acute kidney injury as a result of COVID-19 and of the long-term effects of kidney damage. Learn more, including what can be done, at www.kidney.org/coronavirus

If your heating and cooling equip.ment is old or needs frequent repairs, it may be time to consider a replacement. The EPA’s ENERGY STAR Heating and Cooling Guide can help you upgrade and save money. Learn more at www.energystar.gov/cooling

Social Security’s Ticket to Work program helps adults with disabilities find their path to financial indepen.dence through work while other Work Incentives make it possible to still re.ceive monthly payments and Medicare or Medicaid. Learn more at 1-866-968.7842 or 1-866-833-2967 (TTY) and https://choosework.ssa.gov

Celebrate California Avocado Month with a trendy take on an avocado-focused dishes. For more California avocado recipes, visit the California Avocado Commission at CaliforniaAvocado.com