Radio Scripts from PR Sources Vol. #383


# Segment Subject Length

        1. Opening :17

2. Planning Your Retirement Finance :60

3. Exercise: Your RX For Improved Physical and Mental Health Health and Fitness :30

4. Cleaning Season Home :30

5. Eye On Health     Health and Fitness :30

6. You Could Be A Big Book Contest Winner Contest :30

7. Spotlight On Health Care Health and Fitness :30

8. Health And Well-Being Health and Fitness :60

9. Have A Healthy Home Home :30

10. Business News And Notes Business :30

11. With Body Neutrality, Working Out Is More Than A Feeling Health And Fitness :30

12. Close :08

1. Opening (62 words,17 seconds) 

Welcome to Radio Roundup. We’ll be offering you ideas from experts to help you protect your health, add value to your home, make family life more fun, take care of your car and protect your finances. Have a pen and paper handy. We’ll be telling you where to write or telephone toll-free for free booklets from our government and American associations.

2. Planning Your Retirement (142 words, 60 seconds)

If you’re ever juggling financial priorities and looking for help to save for retirement, there could be good news for you. The I-R-S Saver’s Credit could help you cut your federal income taxes when you save for retirement through a four-oh-one-kay, four-oh-three-bee, an Individual Retirement Account—or I-R-A—or an ABLE account. Yet less than half of U-S workers are aware this credit exists. According to Catherine Collinson, C-E-O and president of nonprofit Transamerica Institute, including its Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies: [Begin Sound Bite] “Eligible taxpayers can subtract this tax credit dollar-for-dollar from their federal income taxes.” [End Sound Bite] To further boost your retirement savings, she suggests you consider having any refund you get deposited directly into an I-R-A. You may also qualify for the I-R-S Free File program that provides online tax preparation tools, free. Learn more about the Saver’s Credit at trans-america-institute--dot--org and I-R-S--dot--gov.

3. Exercise: Your RX For Improved Physical And Mental Health (83 words, 30 seconds)

Regular exercise is critical for maintaining not only your physical health but your mental health as well. If you’re looking to get back on a regular schedule after a break or to try something new, there’s no better time than now. With the JRNY (JUR-nee) digital fitness platform, you can get in a workout or find your Zen with access to hundreds of personalized, trainer-led workouts, including strength, stretching, yoga, and Pilates. A complimentary one-year JRNY membership is available now. Learn more at bow-flex-dot-com.

4. Cleaning Season (79 words, 30 seconds)

When you spring into action cleaning your home this season, remember to deal with your heating and cooling system air ducts. Dust motes, dander, smoke, pollen and anything else in the air can get stuck in the system. This can be serious for allergy and asthma sufferers, children and the elderly. Fortunately, there’s an answer. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association says have the duct-work inspected and cleaned regularly by a reputable, certified professional. To learn more, visit breathing-clean--dot--com. 

5. Eye On Health (74 words, 30 seconds)

Risk factors for eye disease include family history, ethnicity and age. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends all adults have a comprehensive eye exam by age forty. In addition, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes can also affect eyesight. If cost is a concern, the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s EyeCare America program may help. Volunteer ophthalmologists provide eye care to eligible seniors and others at risk for eye disease. Learn more at e-y-e-c-a-r-e-america--dot--org.

6. You Could Be A Big Book Contest Winner (82 words, 30 seconds)

If you like to write or draw science fiction and fantasy, here’s good news: You can enter the thirty-ninth annual L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future or Illustrators of the Future contest. Famous author L. Ron Hubbard created them to help aspiring writers and artists. It costs nothing to enter and prizes include publication in the annual story collection, a workshop, a gala dinner and thousands of dollars. For further information, and to purchase the latest volume, visit writers-of-the-future--dot--com and galaxy-press--dot--com. 

7. Spotlight On Health Care (74 words, 30 seconds)

It may seem surprising, but your children’s graduation is a good time to consider their health insurance needs. About one in five twenty-somethings have no health insurance. Fortunately, a wide range of coverage options can meet your child’s unique needs and financial situation, said Mark Smith, president of Health-Markets Insurance Agency, one of the largest in the country. To help, Get-Covered offers free guidance on health coverage. Call (8-7-7) 6-5-0--1-0-6-5 or visit get-covered--dot--com--slash--graduate. 

8. Health And Well-Being (192 words, 60 seconds)

A new Gene-Sight [jean-site] mental health monitor national poll has found that two in three women with depression or anxiety say they have reached their breaking point. Yet, more than half wait a year before seeking treatment. This can take a serious toll on their mental health. Advises Doctor B-J Fancher [Begin Sound Bite] “When you can’t shake it off anymore, that’s when you know that you need some help. It’s not just a bad day. It’s been a bad couple of weeks and that’s when you need to seek help.” [End Sound Bite] Experts, including Doctor Rachael Earls, stress these conditions worsen over time, and can drastically affect daily life if left untreated. [Begin Sound Bite] “It is critical to receive treatment for mental health because we know that mental health conditions are highly co-morbid with other physical diseases, such as cancer, stroke, heart disease.” [End Sound Bite] The poll also reported that women with depression or anxiety found medication and therapy were the treatment options they found most helpful. By asking for help and getting proper treatment from a health-care provider, women can take control of their mental health and get back to being their best. To learn more, visit Gene-Sight at g-e-n-e-s-i-g-h-t--dot--com. 

9. Have A Health Home (81 words, 30 seconds)

When it comes to allergies, most people consider home a safe haven—but houses can harbor pet dander, dust mites, mold, mildew, and more. Fortunately, a few simple steps can reduce and remove allergens. Frequent cleaning, especially steam cleaning, can help. So can regularly bathing your dog or cat. Use HEPA filters and change them monthly. Have your air ducts cleaned by a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Learn more, and where to find NADCA members, at breathing-clean--dot--com. 

10. Business News And Notes (69 words, 30 seconds)

Business owners may be able to recover money lost during the pandemic through a government program called the Employee Retention Tax Credit. Companies can claim up to twenty-one thousand dollars per employee. But many businesses, colleges, universities, hospitals, and not-for-profits left the money on the table for fear of red tape. Fortunately, taking advantage of the program may be easier than they realize. Learn how at E-R-T-C-Advisors--dot--org and 800--2-2-2--9000. 

11. With Body Neutrality, Working Out Is More Than A Feeling (83 words, 30 seconds)

Too often when it comes to health, people focus on the number on the scale instead of the way they feel. June is Beautiful in Your Skin Month and Bowflex encourages you to embrace body neutrality and feel-good fitness. With the JUR-NEE digital fitness platform, you’ll get custom workouts based on your mood and ability, plus trainer-led workouts featuring strength, yoga, and Pilates. Focus on the numbers and achievements that matter. A free one-year JUR-NEE—J-R-N-Y—membership is available. Learn more at bow-flex-dot-com-backslash-J-R-N-Y. 

12. Close (29 words, 8 seconds)

Until the next time, this is Radio Roundup. We hope these ideas for your health, your safety and your finances make your day a little better and a lot more fun.