Hints For Homeowners

Storms And Flooding Require A Fast, Effective Mold And Odor Solution


(NAPSI)—Storms and flooding are resulting in widespread occurrences of mold, mildew and associated foul odors. The CDC and FEMA both advise the need to treat flooded structures as soon as possible to help prevent mold development.

Star brite’s Performacide® is a viable treatment for mold control; the EPA-registered product utilizes chlorine dioxide (ClO2) technology to eliminate mold, mildew and associated smells. Applied as a spray, Performacide® provides hospital-grade disinfection of hard surfaces. It kills mold as well as MRSA, E. coli, HIV-1, salmonella and norovirus (see package for full list). In addition to broad-spectrum efficacy, a major advantage of ClO2 technology is the fact that it does not leave a hazardous residue that must be removed.

Performacide® Air Care products utilize a vapor to permeate an enclosed area to control foul odors. The systems are available as a slow-release version to control odors over an extended period of time, or as a fast-release version that works in four to six hours, completely removing mildew, smoke and other foul odors.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Star brite is a leading manufacturer of home, boat, car, motorcycle and RV products. Performacide® products are manufactured at the company’s facility in Montgomery, Alabama.

For more information, visit the website at www.performacide.com or call (800) 327-8583.