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We distribute to 10,000+ newspapers, including online and print editions, 15,000+ blogs and other online publications. Expected results are 100 to 400+ known placements in print, average readership … more


TV content distribution results are highly skewed towards major markets because TV advertising rates are relatively expensive so that's where TV stations tend to exist. Video Feature Releases (VFR's) of 30 or 60 seconds each are written, produced and distributed as part of our 23-minute monthly CSNN program for over 1,000 TV stations across America. You should expect 100 to 150+ on-air placements with each VFR, reaching millions of viewers, primarily in the wealthy suburbs of major markets. Most broadcasters will run the entire program as is from start to finish or some may use individual segments. more


You can add to your content distribution success by covering more media. We can get your 30- or 60-second Radio Feature Release (RFR) to radio broadcasters at 6,500+ stations across the U. S. who use your information as filler, primarily during drive time, for news and talk shows. You should expect about 300 to 400 on-air placements with each release. Formats include digital downloads via our site and iTunes, and CD's mailed with scripts for those who require those formats, as a convenience to them. Reports include information about listeners, AQH and CUME. more