Multimedia Content Distribution


Increase Audience Engagement with Multimedia that Inspires Action & Drives Results

1. Inspire deeper engagement with multimedia

Captivate your audience with visual content that propels your prospects, customers and influencers to connect with your message and drives them to act on it. Multimedia content amplifies your message and has been shown to increase press release views.

Online Visibility-We increase discoverability by sharing your multimedia-rich story on thousands of sites.

Garner Earned Media- Make it easy for influencers to share your brand’s story by including valuable assets that provide depth to articles.

Services Suite- Our options help you share the content that best tells your story.

2. Drive online visibility and audience engagement

Boost online awareness for your brand by telling a visual story that makes your message stand out and makes your company instantly recognizable.

Increase Interactions with Images- Provide visual content for your audience—infographics, logos, product shots and more—and we’ll share it on thousands of sites.

Maximize Exposure with Video- Include video and we’ll send it to thousands of sites and host it for you.

Content Presentation- We help make your brand’s story stand out with complimentary template options to embed videos, photos, logos, infographics and even audio on your Featurettes story page.

Professional Images- If you don’t have any image readily available for your next release, we provide access to a collection of images—you can pay as an add-on to the distribution.

3. Increase influencer attention and media pickup

In today’s content-hungry world, journalists and bloggers need to do more with less. Visuals help keep their readers engaged and including images and videos makes it easy for media and influencers to write about and share your story.

Reach Journalists and Influencers- Increase your chances of garnering earned media coverage by sending images to community news outlets. Reach editors at major daily newspapers, online publications and radio and TV stations.

Ensure Image Accessibility with Photo Archiving- We post your multimedia to the archive, where your content will live in a database that journalists use regularly.

Featurettes for Journalists- The thousands of active users in our exclusive community want image and video content so they can craft original, visually appealing articles for readers, viewers and listeners.

4. Achieve your goals with our flexible service suite

It’s a best practice to include multimedia as part of your content distribution mix to increase your brand’s visibility and influence, and our options help you do so with ease.

Optimize Content Distribution & Promotion- Our flexible offerings can be combined with any promotion plan, giving you the right mix of visuals for your project.

Featurettes PDF Archive- Provides unlimited reuse.

International Options- We offer both single-region and multiregion multimedia distribution options to enhance your message internationally.

Advanced Options- Reach new audiences, boost website traffic and capture leads with multimedia-rich content syndication.

5. Easily upload, manage and analyze multimedia content

Featurettes offer many solutions to help you organize, optimize, share and analyze your multimedia content. With our staff of specialists and our ROI analytics dashboard, we have you covered.

Manage- Easily access your multimedia resources whenever you need those.
Ensure Quality- We help ensure your brand is telling a visual story that is more likely to get media and consumer attention with review of every image and video by our expert content specialists.

Evaluate with Results Reports- Get a strategic overview of how your multimedia content and projects are performing. Track by asset, image/video/audio views, engagement actions and content downloads.