Free proposal: Send us a press release, a brochure, your website information or other background material and our writers can offer their expert suggestions on how you can best reach millions of additional readers. We can suggest changes that will add to pickup or propose a release based on your background material that will get marvelous results if you approve.

What we do for you: NAPS provides an easy, cost-effective method of getting your story out to nearly every newspaper in the country and thousands of online publications. Instead of just covering the same top publications everyone else in America is trying to get into, you give your top story to practically all of America’s mass media outlets, in a format editors can easily use immediately. We cover America’s 10,000 newspapers with over 200 million in cumulative circulation, about 167 million of which are in the weekly community newspapers.

Release: Feature news stories are written, produced and distributed with color photo, drawings or graphics.

Writing: Our writers, with an average tenure of more than 10 years each, are the experts at what will get the best results in community newspapers nationwide. They will propose a story at no cost or obligation. The free proposal includes any changes you want made to our initial draft before you present to management for approval.
Art: We can supply a color photo or we can have our artist propose a color drawing. We can also create charts or graphs based on your statistics. Our research indicates that all stories get better results with art. Editors give preferential positioning to those articles that are beautifully illustrated.

Distribution: Each story is sent to over 10,000+ newspapers and thousands of online publications, including about 8,400 weeklies and 1,600 dailies. And formats include CDs, camera-ready repro proofs, posted on as downloadable files for editors with RSS feeds by subject, e-mails, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, social media, blogs, etc. We are running banners in major daily news sites, such as and, that link back to our own topical blogs, including Health, Recipes, Personal Finance, Auto, Beauty, Books, Celebrity/Entertainment, Charity, Computers, Environment, Fashion, Gifts, Home, Pets and Travel, to draw those readers to our stories. We have our own blog on with articles archived and searchable with keywords tagged on their site. We have links to social media sites under each release to enable people to share more easily.

Media Relations: After 55 years of being in this business, editors know us and trust us to send them quality material that is wonderfully written. We have built up a relationship over the years with thousands of editors who won’t give out their contact information to the general public. We have built up a following among many editors who have been downsized by newspapers and have gone on to form their own blogs.

Results: You should expect about 100 to 400 placements in print and 1,000 placements online per release. Results come from several clipping bureaus including our own in-house clipping bureau, which subscribes to thousands of newspapers that others don’t. Our staff monitors thousands of blogs and does searches by keywords to find placements online. Colorful results reports include demographic information, market ranks, circulation and readership figures, UVM and UVD figures, page views, a map indicating where placements have occurred, bar graphs and pie charts, and equivalent ad space cost.

GUARANTEE: Complete satisfaction with the results of each release or another one FREE.