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Did You Know?

(NAPSI)—Dirty HVAC systems­ use more energy, resulting in higher energy bills, so the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends having a professional clean the system. Find a … more
Florida Health

Tobacco Control in Florida: Celebrating Success Today and Innovating for Tomorrow

By Laura Corbin, Bureau Chief, Tobacco Free Florida (NAPSI)—In 2024, we can join together to get closer to achieving the goal of making Florida tobacco free by encouraging people to never begin … more
Cooking Corner

Warm and Wonderful Pastrami-Spiced Veal Burgers

(NAPSI)—Whether you’re feeding your family or entertaining guests, a delightful way to keep things cosy yet special during the cold weather season is with a delicious dish such as this one, made … more
Career Opportunities

National Grid: Improving Jobs with the Clean Energy Transition

(NAPSI)—Addressing climate change is an all-hands-on-deck undertaking. It requires a smarter, stronger, and cleaner energy grid that provides affordable, reliable power when and where people need … more
News of Jobs

Clean Energy Transition Offers Variety Of Career Opportunities

(NAPSI)—Addressing climate change is an all-hands-on-deck undertaking. It requires a smarter, stronger, and cleaner energy grid that provides affordable, reliable power when and where people need … more
Managing Your Finances

Five Terms to Improve Financial Literacy

(NAPSI)—Money can be a stressor for many—but you don’t have to be among them. Creating a game plan and understanding five key terms can help improve your financial health: Credit Score A credit … more
Hints For Homeowners

Hobby Shops and Recreational Buildings Popping Up All Over

(NAPSI)—If you’re like many homeowners seeking to enhance your property and support your lifestyle interests, adding a freestanding hobby shop, vehicle storage building or recreational facility … more
Health Matters

The Nightly Grind: Knowing When to Invest in a Night Guard

(NAPSI)—While mouth guards are nearly ubiquitous with athletes, more and more people of all kinds are similarly protecting their teeth with night guards. When and whether you need a night guard, … more
Your Yard

12 Questions to Ask Before Powering Up the Snow Thrower: Keep Safety Top of Mind

(NAPSI)—Snow flurries and winter storms can be unpredictable and the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) encourages home and business owners to prepare in advance before bad weather hits. … more
Hints For Homeowners

Simple Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

(NAPSI)—There’s good news for the 46% of U.S. households who heat their homes with natural gas this winter: it’s expected to cost 7.8% less this year than last year. Heating with electricity or … more

AI in Homebuying: Separating Fact from Fiction

(NAPSI)—The homebuying journey has undergone a radical transformation in the digital age. Long gone are the days of sifting through stacks of paperwork, replaced by a streamlined, tech-driven … more
Eye On Health

Smart Lighting Solutions to Combat Eye Strain from Screen Time

(NAPSI)— Research shows that remote workers spend over half of their day—13 hours on average—looking at screens. This much time spent looking at a computer can produce digital eye strain, also … more

Did You Know?

(NAPSI)—A little-known gem nestled between the Tennessee River and the Great Smoky Mountains in the Eastern part of the state is the charming small town of Loudon County, TN. Learn about the food, … more
Health And Well-Being

The Transformative Value of Health Coaching

(NAPS)—If you’ve ever tried to make a healthy lifestyle change, you may have found that your initial excitement fades quickly, and you return to your old habits. Well, you’re not alone.   … more
Health And Well-Being

Five Tips for Succeeding with Dry (or Damp) January

(NAPSI)—For many, the New Year is not just about turning a page on the calendar. It’s also about becoming a better version of themselves. If you’re looking to reduce ( Damp January ) or abstain … more
America's Heroes

One Hundred Years Of Honoring Heroes

(NAPSI)—A century-old mission takes on new meaning and you can be part of it.   Then One hundred years ago, America was undertaking a solemn national responsibility unlike any it had … more
Travel Trends

Discover The Latest Travel Trends In A Surprising Spot

(NAPSI)—Nestled between the Tennessee River and the Great Smoky Mountains in Eastern Tennessee is charming Loudon County—an underrated travel destination and a very special place to visit in … more

Veterinario comparte consejos para celebrar las fiestas navideñas con sus mascotas de manera segura y divertida

Por la Dra. Whitney Miller, DVM, MBA, DACVPM (NAPSI)— En todo el país, los padres de perrijos y gatijos y mascotas de todo tipo están entrando en modo festivo. Desde momentos llenos de ternura … more
Washington Watch

Internet Connections Made Easier

(NAPSI)—A fast, reliable Internet connection is essential to many of our daily lives. However, many Americans still struggle to stay connected. That’s where the Affordable Connectivity Program … more
Alerta sobre la salud para las personas mayores

Lo que hay que saber sobre el VRS

(NAPSI)—Quizás se recuerda del viejo dicho: “Más vale prevenir que curar”. Esto nunca han sido más cierto que hoy en día con respecto a la buena salud y la gente mayor, especialmente cuando … more
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