Auto Tip Sheet


Here are successful strategies for driving up results for your Auto Section story:

1. Photos: Use beautiful, eye-catching photos.

2. Statistics: Include statistics from a reliable third party source, such as a trade industry organization or the federal

3. Expert: Include a quote from your spokesperson or a credible industry expert.

4. Celebrity: Give your story star appeal by using a celebrity spokesperson.

5. Safety: Offer advice to readers on how to keep a car safely on the road and get the insurance coverage they need.

6. Technology: Inform readers about the latest developments that will help them have a better experience with their auto needs.

7. Maintenance: Alert readers to the benefits of regular maintenance, including safety and resale value, and alert them to warning signs that a tune-up is needed.

8. Fraud Prevention: Educate readers on how to protect themselves against scams and avoid suspicious activity.

9. Seasonal Driving: Create an awareness of how to deal with the demanding and potentially dangerous situations that can occur as the seasons change.

10. Save Money: Inform readers how they can save money on car insurance, financing, maintenance, repairs and fuel.

11. Teen Driving: Help readers reduce teen auto accidents, protect teens, and get them ready for their first driving experience.

12. Road Hazards: Help readers to watch for potentially hazardous conditions such as potholes or wildlife crossing.

13. Moving Tips: Give readers a checklist of things to remember when making a move into a new home.

14. Environment: Inform readers how to protect the environment and preserve valuable resources. 

15. Car Buying: Give readers advice on how to compare and evaluate potential car purchases. Include information about distinguishing features and stylish designs.

16. Selling: Tell readers how they can protect their resale value.

17. Events: Create greater brand identity and awareness by mentioning sponsorship of special events such as car races or charitable fundraisers.

18. Jobs: Alert readers to potential career opportunities in the auto industry.

19. Issues: Encourage government action in the public interest by asking readers to write to their elected representatives about auto issues they care deeply about.

20. Websites: Include a website or social media site for more helpful information.