Being 55+ Has Its Advantages


(NAPSI)—The 55-plus crowd is more active than ever, continuing to stay in the workforce longer, growing in numbers—to the tune of 73 million and counting—and exerting an even greater economic impact. In fact, 55+ers are responsible for over half of U.S. consumer spending, according to AARP, contributing to the huge upsurge in online spending during the pandemic.

If you are one of these lucky ones—as in 55 or older—you may not realize that you are actually the envy of many. People in this age group can save thousands of dollars a year on everyday goods and services so make sure you know about ALL of the discounts available to you.

Whether planning for long-term savings for retirement or for short-term expenses like a post-pandemic vacation, saving money is front and center in today’s world. The good news is that there are so many great discounts created just for you that it makes it easy to save tons by paying attention to where you’re spending your money each month.

Here are some “55 and over” discounts to be on the lookout for—that you might not know about:

Auto insurance: Insurance companies sometimes offer discounts for good drivers over a certain age.

Travel: It’s almost time to travel again so be sure to check for age-related discounts with major airlines, hotel chains, and rental car companies.

Restaurants: Over 55? Ask about special days, nights or menu items at your favorite fast-food or fancy restaurant—even if it’s takeout.

Wireless plans: Make sure that you are on a discounted 55+ plan—a failsafe way to save money each month.

Given that 55+ consumers are spending 30% more time on mobile devices than they did a year ago, having an affordable wireless plan that provides unlimited text, talk and data with additional valuable perks is huge. Take a look at T-Mobile’s 55+ plans that it offers to customers across the United States. Verizon and AT&T, on the other hand, only offer 55+ plans for customers who live in Florida (even though 92% of people in the United States who are 55 and older live outside of Florida). And T-Mobile recently announced that customers on a Magenta 55+ or Magenta MAX 55+ plan can have up to four voice lines on their account. 

Always pay attention to details when considering your choice in wireless plans. 

T-Mobile’s Magenta 55+ and Magenta MAX 55+ plans offer unlimited text, talk and data combined with:

•A guaranteed monthly rate that includes taxes and fees in the plan price—your price stays the same each month.

•Netflix on Us—Magenta 55+ plan includes Netflix on Us for families and its Magenta MAX 55+ plan includes Netflix Basic with one line or Netflix Standard with two lines.

•Scam Shield that helps protect people from phone scams, hacks and robocalls.

•Free stuff and discounts every Tuesday with T-Mobile Tuesdays.

•Unlimited texting and 2G data without roaming charges in 210+ countries & destinations. 

•America’s largest and fastest 5G network—which is like having WiFi on the road to send pics and stay connected. 

Added bonus: the MAX tier includes unlimited premium data, so you can’t be slowed down no matter how much data you use. 

It’s important to highlight that T-Mobile’s 55+ plans include Scam Shield because recently scammers have become even more aggressive, targeting people with phony COVID-19 vaccine information. Scam Shield protects its users against phone scams and robocalls—and it’s free for T-Mobile customers.

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Article provided by T-Mobile, America’s supercharged Un-carrier.