Best Friends

Every day in America, 2,000 dogs and cats are killed in shelters.
That means 83 dogs or cats are killed every hour just because they don’t have safe places to call home.
That’s the bad news. 
Now here is the good: Best Friends Animal Society and our 2,700+ partners across the country are doing something are coming together and doing something about it.
Government and private shelters, small and large shelter organizations, spay/neuter organizations and people like you are coming together to save more lives faster. Imagine a world where puppy mills don’t exist. Where our shelters get the support they need. Where every pet has a home. 
Seem far fetched? It’s not. 
35 years ago, 17 million sheltered animals were killed annually.
Today that’s around 733,000.
That’s still too many. But by working together by supporting our shelters, by making new laws and by telling our local elected officials we demand to live in a no-kill community, we are making a lot of progress. 
That’s why we’ve declared a bold goal: Creating a no-kill country by the year 2025. We can do it. We know what programs work.
We know where most pets are dying. 
Step by critical step, we’re getting closer.
There are nearly 4,300 no kill communities in America.
Find out if your community is one of them. Dive into the lifesaving community dashboard because it’s time to save them all.