Books Tip Sheet


Here are successful strategies for booking stronger results on your Book Section story:

1. Photos: Use beautiful color images of your book or a relevant photo.

2. Advice: For self-help books, offer some helpful advice from the book as a teaser.

3. Cookbooks: Include a recipe to whet the appetites of the readers. Use ingredients that are easily obtainable and keep directions simple.

4. College: Tell readers how they can find affordable financing for college or what books will help them to get in.

5. Celebrity: Include information about the biographical background of the celebrity.

6. Business Expert: Include the credentials of the expert, accomplishments and how the person became successful.

7. Investment Advice: Include trends and forecasts for the future and include statistics and quotes from credible sources such as government agencies or trade associations.

8. Children’s Books: Include information from the National Education Association and offer tips on encouraging children to read. Use a doctor’s quote about childhood development.

9. Audiobooks: Include information about the benefits of audiobooks for children to help them learn, commuters who travel long distance and blind people.

10. Travel Guides: Offer tips on traveling and destination highlights.

11. Gift Ideas: Suggest various books as gift ideas for holidays and special occasions.

12. Literacy Campaigns: Tell readers about ingenious ways to help get kids to read.

13. Seasonal: Suggest a book list for summer reading, vacation time or holiday season.

14. Contest: Include information about a contest to help future writers.

15. Health: Offer tips to maintain health and quality of life and to live longer. Include symptoms to look for, available treatments and advice from a doctor.

16. Social Responsibility: Mention that a portion of the proceeds of a book goes toward a worthy charity on behalf of a corporate sponsor.

17. Political: Appeal to people at an emotional level by using heartstring-tugging anecdotes. Indicate why people should care by explaining how they would be affected.