Building An Outdoor Wooden Structure


(NAPSA)—Do-it-yourselfers across the country are spending their free time on outdoor projects bets haar 2 that improve the utility and value of outdoor living environments. If you are a do-it-yourselfer planning to build an outdoor wooden structure such as a playset, deck, picnic table, gazebo or fence that beauti- fies your yard and can be enjoyed by your family for years to come, there are somebasic tipsto follow. Before beginning any outdoor building project, check local building codes. This will save you the trouble and cost of remodeling if your structure does not meet building codes. Also, contact local utility com- panies to arrange for them to mark any underground water, sewer, gas, electric and telephone lines so that you do not acciden- tally strike one while digging a foundation for your structure. Next, research your project. Obtain project plans that will help guide you as you build the structure. Plans are available from Websites, books, magazines, lum- ber associations or home improve- mentretailers. It is also important to use the correct building materials and tools for the structure. With its natural beauty, superior structural preserved wood can beautify gardens and homes. Plus with built-in water repellent is also available in a variety of lumber sizes suitable for decking, hand rails and general construction applications. Regardless of what materials are used to construct your deck or other outdoor structure, be the fasteners you choose appropriate for outdoor use. teners appropriate for use sure are Fasout- doors include hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel fasteners. Decking screws and other fasteners are also available with protective coatings designed for long- term performance even when exposed to the weather. Seal your wooden structure with either a sealant, which pre- properties, resistance to decay and termites, ability to be painted or vents wood from absorbing water and lower cost compared to other building materials, preserved wood is the preferred choice of many builders and homeowners. seals the wood. Semitransparent sealants and stains work best on preserved wood. Inspect your structure once or twice a year and stained to match any color scheme A new generation of preserved wood protected with ACQ (alka- line copper quatemary) that does not contain arsenic or chromium is now widely available throughout the country. Marketed under the Preserve brand, ACQ-pre- served wood offers builders and consumers a durable building material suitable for a wide variety of applications where protec- tion against decay and termites is required. For additional protec- tion against weathering, Preserve and delays the weathering pro- cess, or a stain, which colors and make repairs as soon as you spot damage. Proper maintenance will save you time and money. Once you have completed the project, invite your family and friends over to enjoy your new outdoor environment. Properly constructed and maintained, your new outdoor project will provide years of enjoyment for you and your family. For more information about project plans or preserved wood, visit