Charity Tip Sheet


Create an awareness of your cause by following these feature-writing tips:

1. Photos: Use beautiful, eye-catching color photos, infographics or informative charts and graphs.

2. Celebrity Spokesperson: Give your story star-quality appeal by using quotes or a byline format from a
celebrity spokesperson or a reputable expert.

3. Statistics: Give compelling reasons to care by including staggering statistics from a credible source such as a
trade association or a government agency.

4. Advice: Inform readers about ways in which they can help make a difference in the lives of others and support
the cause.

5. Website: Direct readers to a link to your website or social media site for more helpful information.

6. Hotline: Include a phone number for people to call for more information on how to get help or help others.

7. CSR: Inform readers about how buying specific products will be beneficial to your cause as part of a corporate
social responsibility program.

8. Holiday: Give tips on how to reduce stress in the holiday season by planning ahead and include some giftgiving ideas that could support your cause.

9. Events: Alert readers about how they can participate in your special event or give a post-event wrap-up of
the activities and what was accomplished.

10. Volunteers: Tell readers how they can use their time and energy to help those in greatest need.

11. Children: Include information on how they can help children succeed in school and develop a love of learning.

12. Donations: Inform readers about various ways to give including time, money, expertise, old clothes, food,
equipment, a car, a boat, an organ, blood or whatever is needed.

13. Competition: Alert readers about a contest or competition in which people can nominate someone or enter to win an award for successful leadership related to your cause and include information about the winner as a role model for others.

14. Fundraiser: Encourage readers to host a fundraising event of their own or join in the fun and provide some
funds for others.

15. Seniors: Inform seniors about the physical and mental benefits they can reap by utilizing their skills, talents
and passion to help others.

16. Disabled: Inform readers about how to help the disabled to scale the obstacles they face and live life to the
fullest, making examples of those who have succeeded in extraordinary ways.

17. Government: Alert readers about government-funded programs that can help them.

18. Veterans: Tell readers how to honor American heroes and help give them the recognition they deserve.

19. Girls: Encourage people to help girls with self-awareness programs that will give them experiential education of “learning by doing.”