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(NAPSI)—Here’s a look at something you may not like to think about—but could still be good to know: a funeral concierge can help you navigate planning a funeral and negotiating related expenses. Funeral concierge services are available from Everest Funeral Package, LLC. 

How It Works

Expert Everest consultants compare and negotiate best prices to save money, personalize the funeral plan, and assist in paperwork. In addition, their services include a secure online vault for copies of such vital documents as a will, medical directive, and power of attorney, saving families the time and worry of locating these documents after the passing of a loved one. Everest not only assists the family in completing paperwork it helps them coordinate with the insurance company and may even be able to get a portion of the death benefit available from the life insurance policy in as little as three days. 

You can even use the service to pre-plan and be sure things happen the way you want. The service includes 24/7 access to an expert consultant who assists with planning the funeral and negotiating funeral expenses, as well as online tools for creating a will and other estate planning documents and an online secure location to store these documents.

As an independent consumer advocate, the company is not associated with any funeral home or funeral provider and does not profit from any of the family’s decisions. It provides peace of mind and confidence when making difficult financial and emotional decisions.

Transamerica and Everest

Life insurance can be an important tool to protect loved ones from financial hardship. Individuals shopping for permanent life insurance should know that Transamerica offers a funeral concierge rider. Transamerica, a major finance and insurance company, has collaborated with Everest Funeral Package, LLC to add a unique feature to certain qualifying life insurance products. Consumers should contact a licensed life insurance agent and determine whether a life insurance policy best suits their financial plan. Permanent life insurance is a life-long financial commitment and is not appropriate for everyone.

“Everest exists to advocate for families, be their champion, and offer support during one of life’s most challenging times,” said Mark Duffey, President and CEO of Everest Funeral Concierge. “We’re proud to collaborate with Transamerica as they continue to find ways to put families first. Our relationship is a natural fit. Both Everest and Transamerica are deeply committed to helping people make informed decisions today so they can worry less about tomorrow.”

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