Did You Know?


(NAPSA)—The world’s largest private funder of pancreatic cancer research, the Lustgarten Foundation, is dedicated to curing this devastating disease—and you can help with a donation. To learn more about the condition and what you can do, visit www.lustgarten.org or call toll-free 866-789-1000.

   Understanding the world may be easier through books about relationships and light-hearted and harrowing memoirs: “Wounded Angels,” by Chuck Miceli; “The Parrot’s Perch,” by Karen Keilt; “Evergreen,” by Mya O’Malley; and “Mostly True: Short Stories,” by Arlene Cohen. Learn more, subscribe to the newsletter at www.BookTrib.com

   National School Choice Week, Jan. 26-Feb 1, 2020, raises awareness among parents of their K-12 education options. It’s celebrated by teachers, school leaders, parents, students, and community leaders at 50,000 events and activities. Discover the choices available to your family at www.schoolchoiceweek.com/mystate/

   “Unless you are trying to defrost the windshield or warm the interior of your car, idling is not required for today’s vehicles,” explains the non-profit Car Care Council. For a free copy of its Car Care Guide, visit www.carcare.org

   For one in eight couples, the path to parenthood has obstacles but now there’s an insurance policy available from LifeSpring Insurance Services that can mean money won’t be one of them. Learn more at https://lifespringins.com

   The United Nations has declared 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health. Help protect plants from invasive pests, which destroy up to 40 percent of food crops globally. Visit www.HungryPests.com and get updates at #PlantHealth and #IYPH2020 on social media.

   Let love bloom this Valentine’s Day—or any time—with the beautiful help of flowers. 1-800-Flowers.com offers not only the most beautiful flowers and gifts but the latest technology to help you make sure you’re getting—and giving—just the right presents. Learn more at https://www.1800flowers.com/valentinesday

   A domestic thriller, historical fiction, a guide for how to learn, and a touching memoir of survival are among the books available through BookBites, which brings readers information and ideas for their next read. For more reading ideas, visit www.BookTrib.com and subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

   NervGen Pharma Corp. and some of the leading medical researchers in the United States are looking into ways to deal with such dreaded conditions as Alzheimer’s disease, MS and spinal cord injuries. Learn more at www.nervgen.com.  

   Age-related physical and mental changes can affect your ability to drive safely. If you’re alert to these changes and manage them carefully, you may be able to continue driving safely for some time, say the experts at the American Geriatrics Society (AGS). Visit www.healthinaging.org/driving-safety  for more.