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Futuristic fiction; family secrets; a women’s movement memoir; and a look at how you can “renature” yourself are among the latest offerings from BookTrib, which brings readers information and ideas for their next read. Learn more at www.BookTrib.com  and subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

“Solar-control films can block 80 percent of the solar heat coming through glass, decrease the heat load on the air-conditioning system and reduce energy costs,” says Darrell Smith, executive director of the International Window Film Association. Learn more at www.iwfa.com

Discover ways to face life’s obstacles with two works of fiction and two poignant memoirs: “Feels Like Falling,” by Kristy Woodson Harvey; “That’s Not A Thing,” by Jacqueline Friedland; “Once a Girl, Always a Boy” by Jo Ivester and “I’m Still Here,” by Martina Reaves. Learn more at www.booktrib.com.

Vegetables are the first and pri-mary ingredients in any Veggies Made Great frozen meal or snack. They can be quickly and easily heated in the oven or microwave. Order at www.TheHealthfoodStore.com and locate retailers at www.VeggiesMadeGreat.com.

While the Asian giant hornet is large and has a big sting, it’s typically not aggressive with humans. It can be a problem for bees, however, so Bayer is organizing a trapping program. Learn more at https://beehealth.bayer.us/home

Four fascinating books can fill your days. “LA’s Last Street Cop,” a true tale of crime, corruption and justice. “Lakeshire Park,” a 19th century romance. “Watermark,” a coming-of-age story. And “The Hairbrush and the Shoe,” a ghost story. Learn more at www.booktrib.com.

You don’t have to give up a family vacation. You can have a fun staycation, according to certified trainer and former Olympian Samantha Clayton, who’s also vice president of Sports Performance and Fitness Education at Herbalife Nutrition. Learn more at www.herbalife.com.

Four new books can bring you a taste of some wicked humor. Show you the ancient road to a more abundant life today. Offer poignant personal stories of mid-century mid-America. And present seven steps toward creating the right corporate culture. Learn more at www.BookTrib.com