Did You Know?


(NAPS)—You can naturally and tastefully boost your immunity year-round with vitamin C-rich frozen strawberries. Fresh California strawberries are hand-picked year-round and frozen strawberries can be found in most grocers’ freezers winter, spring, summer, and fall. For nutrition facts, tips and recipes, visit www.CaliforniaStrawberries.com

   Rest easy: Your next mattress may help you sleep more soundly—especially if the flexible polyurethane foam inside meets the not-for-profit CertiPUR-US standards for content, emissions and durability. For facts, tips and a list of participating companies, visit www.certipur.us

   Buttermilk Mashed California Sweetpotatoes with Fresh Herbs are easy enough to make for a weeknight dinner and elegant enough for company and special occasions throughout the year. Plus, California sweetpotatoes are a nice change from regular mashed potatoes—and with more fiber.  Get the recipe and learn more at www.casweetpotatoes.com

   When you buy a home, paying cash can give you a boost. To help, Flyhomes makes the cash offer on your behalf, closes with the seller, then sells the home to you at the same price after your mortgage is finalized. Learn more at www.flyhomes.com

   Telehealth, such as is available through Lionrock Recovery is one of the most effective ways to reach and treat people with substance use disorder and support long-term recovery since it’s flexible and private. Learn more at www.NationalOnlineRecoveryDay.com

   Through the nonprofit Accessible Parking Coalition (APC), established by the International Parking and Mobility Institute, a national effort is underway to eliminate disabled placard abuse and make accessible parking more accessible. Learn more at https://accessibleparkingcoalition.org/

   There may soon be good news for people with spinal cord injuries. NervGen’s NVG-291 could be a significant breakthrough. Learn more at www.nervgen.com

   A simple, free and user-friendly mobile app lets families share and relive daily experiences and special moments with loved ones even thousands of miles apart with just a click. Called My Grandkids, it’s available in the Apple Store and on Google Play.