Did You Know?


(NAPS)— If you’ve recently been infected with Lyme disease, your immune system can provide important information about how to detect and treat the disease that current tests cannot. Adaptive Biotechnologies has launched the ImmuneSense Lyme study to better understand our body’s immune response. To learn about participating, visit www.immunesensestudy.com.

   The California Avocado Commission says California avocado is a superfood that can increase the absorption of nutrients including vitamins A, D, K and E. For avocado facts tips and recipes, visit www.CaliforniaAvocado.com, Facebook.com/CaliforniaAvocados and @ca_avocados on Twitter and Instagram.

   Hurricane season officially runs through November, and while no one can predict what lies ahead, there are things you can do to prepare. For facts and tips from the experts at T-Mobile visit www.t-mobile.com.

   A recent GetApp.com survey found that 92% of small businesses in the U.S. pivoted their business model because of the pandemic, adding online sales, takeout and to-go orders, virtual offerings and more. Such companies were three times more likely to report higher-than-expected revenues.

   The new Bowflex VeloCore bike offers both traditional stationary setting and lean mode—with a side-to-side leaning motion that mimics the feel of riding the open road. It delivers engaging digital content on a large touch screen with custom coaching and workouts. Learn more at www.bowflex.com.

   An all-natural, vegan personal moisturizer and lubricant helps women find comfort and pleasure through all stages of life including pregnancy, endometriosis, chemotherapy and menopause. Called Chiavaye, it’s made by women for women, so pure, it’s even edible. Learn more at www.chiavaye.com.

   Here’s a look at something you may ot like to think about—but could be good to know: Everest Funeral Package, LLC., a funeral concierge can make a bad time better and, working with your insurance company. Learn more at www.Everestfuneral.com.

   Nasal congestion is nothing to sneeze at. It affects roughly 20 percent of the population with reduced quality of life, and increased need for healthcare. Fortunately, a new device called SinuSonic can quickly and easily provide natural relief. Learn more at www.SinuSonic.com.

   It may seem surprising but now is an excellent time to start or grow a business, suggests Nicole Rodrigues, founder and CEO of NRPR Group, an award-winning, exclusive public relations and marketing firm. Learn why and how at www.nrprgroup.com.

   A professional public relations firm can help your company get needed attention from media and the public so you can focus on running your company, says Nicole Rodrigues, founder and CEO of NRPR Group, an award-winning boutique public relations agency. Learn more at www.nrprgroup.com.