Did You Know?



(NAPS)—National guidelines recommend that you get at least 150 minutes per week of exercise. Popular fitness options such as the Silver&Fit® Healthy Aging and Exercise program offer a wide range of free online classes for old.er adults. You’ll find them at: www.youtube.com/silverandfit.  

Sickle cell disease affects 100,000—mostly Black and bi-racial Americans. Not enough bone marrow or stem celldonors are available to help them. The non-profit Gift of Life Marrow Registryasks volunteers to sign up for a simplecheek swab. Learn more at giftoflife.org/bloodisthicker.

Two wireless service plans created just for people 55 and over—Magen.ta 55+ and Magenta MAX 55+—from T-Mobile include Netflix and provide America’s largest and fastest 5G network. Learn more at www.t-mobile.com/55.

There could be promising news for the more than six million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease. A novel drug, NVG-291, by NervGen Pharma Corp. (TSX-V:NGEN) (OTCQX:NGENF), that’s designed to repair damaged nerves is about to start clinical trials. Learn more at www.nervgen.com.

To keep young adult children covered by health insurance, families can find support through healthcare marketplaces, insurance carriers, brokers and other licensed agents and from a free service, GetCovered, powered by HealthMarkets, to determine what plan is best. Call (877) 270-0029 or visit www.getcovered.com.

About about one in five people in their 20s have no health insurance. Fortunately, GetCovered, powered by HealthMarkets, is a free service that provides guidance for people who need health coverage. Call (877) 270-0029 or visit www.getcovered.com to get started.