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(NAPS)— Microcap securities, low-priced securities issued by small companies with low market capitalization, are often the subject of fraud. Fortunately the SEC and FINRA can protect investors. For further information on protecting your money or to file a tip or complaint, visit www.FINRA.org/Learn-More

DAV (Disabled American Veterans), which helps get veterans to and from medical appointments, needs volunteer drivers. If you’re a veteran in need of support or want to learn more about volunteering, go to www.dav.org/volunteer

For your family’s health and your home’s structural integrity, don’t let mold grow. Experts can help says AIHA, the association for scientists and professionals committed to preserving and ensuring occupational and environmental health and safety. Learn more at www.aiha.org

Celebrate California Avocado Month with the Smoked California Avocado Jerk Chicken Skewers. For more California avocado recipes, visit CaliforniaAvocado.com.

For more than 10 million people annually, a great place to visit is Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, now celebrating 60 years as the top family-friendly vacation destination in the Great Smoky Mountains with new attractions. For information, including safety measures, visit www.MyPigeonForge.com  or call 800-251-9100.

You can find fascinating, revelatory and unique facts and views of Princess Diana—her jewels, her mothering skills, her fashion, her humanitarian campaigns and more—on True Royalty TV, available through Amazon Channels, The Roku Channel, Xfinity TV, Sling TV, Contour and www.trueroyalty.tv

Getting immunized against COVID 19 will protect most people from getting sick or becoming seriously ill. Over 90% of U.S. doctors offered the COVID-19 vaccine have taken it. You can find the latest information about COVID-19 vaccines at www.GetVaccineAnswers.org

Autonomous robots are becoming a familiar sight for grocery shoppers as they roam store aisles scanning shelves for missing, mispriced or misplaced products. For information about the latest data-driven solutions from Badger Technologies or to visit a robot nearby, visit www.badger-technologies.com


You could be more comfortable at home for less money. Clean, efficient HVAC systems are less likely to break down, last longer and generally operate more effectively. To find a quality HVAC cleaning contractor,  search the  Nation.al Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) directory at https://nadca.com/find-a-professional

Prices have gone up 3.8% in the last year and online prices even more. Ac.cording to Profitero, an eCommerce analytics company that monitors over 450 million products across hundreds of re.tailer sites and mobile apps, online pric.es are 4.6% higher than they were a year ago.

You can get away from it all—with.out having to leave it all behind when you travel via recreational vehicle (RV). A large selection of trusted RV rentals is available through RV share. For facts and tips and to view the available vehicles, visit www.rvshare.com

Good news for anyone struggling with unhealthy coping mechanisms and habits is that help is available and alcohol-free activities have become more prevalent. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or drug dependency, you may care to visit www.lionrockrecovery.com  or call 800-258-6550.

A researcher seeking a cure for MS and ALS found what could be a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, a compound known as NVG-291, created by biotech startup NervGen Pharma Corp. (TSX.V: NGEN)(OTCQX: NGENF). Learn more at www.nervgen.com