Did You Know?


(NAPSI)—The best time to prepare for any power outage is well before it happens. To help, Generac, a global energy technology company, offers readiness resources, including its Hurricane Preparedness Guide, at www.generac.com/hurricane-prep.

The best thing you can do to protect your children from COVID and help ensure they have a memorable experience at camp this summer is to make sure each child is up to date with COVID vaccines in time for camp. Learn more at www.vaccines.gov

Based on new theories about brain plasticity, NervGen Pharma Corp. is developing a novel drug candidate, NVG-291, that could revolutionize treatment for conditions associated with central nervous system damage, including Alzheimer’s disease. Learn more at www.nervgen.com.

A flexitarian diet for dogs is good for the environment, for their health and for your wallet. For more information, including how to get 50% off your first order, visit www.WildEarth.com

To help people with diabetes save their sight, primary care physicians can now use a special device called the RetinaVue, available from Henry Schein, to take a photograph and send it to an ophthalmologist who can check it for diabetic retinopathy. Learn more at www.retinavue.com.

A new book, A Way Out of No Way, by Kimberly R. Daniel and Stephen Lewis, founders of the Forum for Theological Exploration, is a timely new resource that builds on the Christian tradition of making a way out of no way. Learn more at www.FTEleaders.org.

A new book, Riding Jane Crow (University of Illinois Press, $22.95), by Miriam Thaggert, offers fascinating insights into America as it tracks the way Black women have experienced train travel over the years. For further information and to order the book, go to www.press.uillinois.edu/books/?id=28nsg7gk9780252044526.

Offering residential and outreach programs to individuals, families, and communities dealing with homelessness, hunger, poverty, addiction, domestic violence, education, and human trafficking, one organization has exhibited inspirational Christian charity—and you can help by volunteering or donating to www.dreamcenter.org.

When selecting a cryptocurrency exchange, choose one such as Coinbase that uses best-in-class security practices, takes multiple steps to help ensure your account is safeguarded and offers educational resources to help you protect your assets. Learn more at www.Coinbase.com/learn.

Dental savings plans are an affordable alternative to dental insurance that offer plan members 10-60% off most dental procedures, including preventive, restorative and more, from a nationwide network of dentists. Learn more by calling DentalPlans.com at 844-779-1021 or visiting www.DentalPlans.com