Did You Know?


(NAPSI)— In the U.S., it’s estimated, over 100,000 people—the majority of African descent—live with a genetic blood disorder, sickle cell disease, that can cause extreme pain and serious complications. Blood donation can help. To learn how you can save lives, visit www.RedCrossBlood.org/OurBlood or call 800-733-2767.



The Office of Infectious Disease and HIV/AIDS Policy’s Giving = Living campaign aims to increase awareness of the importance of donating blood and to encourage Americans to create new, regular donation habits. Go to hhs.gov/giveblood to learn more and to find a donation center nearby.  



HVAC systems get dirty over time and can contain pollutants, says the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. That can be unpleasant, even dangerous for office workers; expensive for their employers; and bad for the planet as clogged systems waste energy. Learn about cleaning them at www.BreathingClean.com.



According to a recent Aware poll, most people use the same password across multiple accounts, which means that if a hacker has a password to one account, they can likely access several of that person’s accounts. For further facts, visit www.aware.com.



Research by Aware, a leading authentication company shows that around 30 percent of users are incredibly frustrated when they have to undergo a password reset process. Biometrics may be the answer. Learn more at www.aware.com.



Perhaps the best solution to difficulty remembering passwords is to not use them, opting for a method with much higher security, such as biometrics—which authenticate individual people through their faceprint, voiceprint, fingerprints or iris scan for superior convenience and security. Learn more at www.aware.com. 



According to HSA Bank, there’s an education gap around health benefit options, especially regarding health savings accounts and how they can be used to save for healthcare costs in retirement. Employers can learn about HSA Bank’s decision support tools and preferred pricing at www.hsabank.com. 



Many Medicare Advantage plans, such as the Silver&Fit® Healthy Aging and Exercise Program, offer fitness programs that give members access to gyms, YMCAs, recreation centers, and boutique studios for no cost or a very low cost. Learn more at www.



Individuals age 65 or older concerned about their risk of eye disease and/or the cost of an eye exam may be eligible for a medical eye exam, often at no out-of-pocket cost, through the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s EyeCare America® program. Learn more at www.aao.org/eyecare-america. 



It is important for people with diabetes to make their dentist aware of their condition. Dentists can look for signs of diabetes-related oral complications and even spot diabetes during an exam, say the experts at Delta Dental of Wisconsin. For further facts and advice, visit www.dentadentalwi.com.