Did You Know?


(NAPSI)— No one has quite the same financial needs as you. Choose a bank with the flexibility to grow along with you. For example, Citi Priority, Citigold® and Citigold® Private Client reward you based on the amount of funds you keep in your eligible deposit and investment accounts.



Physical activity and healthy aging go hand in hand. “Movement truly is medicine,” says Dr. Jaynie Bjornaraa, physical therapist, fitness professional, adjunct professor, and senior vice president of rehabilitation services and digital fitness solutions at American Specialty Health (ASH). Learn more at www.ashcompanies.com. 



You should maintain mental health therapies throughout the holidays. Consider a genetic test that can help inform your doctor about genes that may affect how you metabolize or respond to certain medications commonly used to treat mental health conditions. Learn more from your clinician and www.genesight.com. 



For happier holidays, determine how to keep your kids amused without spending too much time online while school is out. There are a number of things parents can do to create an enriching, healthy online experience for their kids. Learn how at digitalwellnesslab.org.



The holiday season, with its festive spirit, family gatherings, and vacation plans, can also include some unexpected driving challenges—but you can still navigate them safely. For driving resources and test preparation advice, visit https://driving-tests.org.



Petco’s Merry Makings collection has everything pets and pet parents need to make the holiday season easy, affordable and special. For guides, recommendations, gifting inspiration and more to help you and your pet have the best holiday season, visit petco.com/holiday or Petco pet care centers nationwide.



By 80, most people have gotten cataracts. Fortunately, they can be treated. Individuals 65 or older concerned about cost may be eligible for an eye exam by ophthalmologists at no out-of-pocket cost, through the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s EyeCare America® program. Learn more at  www.aao.info/ECApatient. 



A provider of high-quality primary care and value-based care programs for senior living organizations, Curana Health works with state and local officials, healthcare stakeholders and facility operators in Iowa, to improve post-acute and long-term care for the state’s aging population. Learn more at www.curanahealth.com.



In the heavily male-dominated industry of welding, only 5.1% of the workers are female, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, but Texas State Technical College, with 94 female welding students, is working to change that. Learn more at tstc.edu.



By being aware of spending during the holidays, you can make more informed and responsible financial decisions and enjoy a happier and healthier new year. For helpful facts, stats and insights, visit Rocket Money at www.rocketmoney.com.