Entertainment Tip Sheet


Take these tips to help you boost your entertainment feature results:

1. Photos: Use beautiful, eye-catching color photos or infographics.

2. Expert Advice: Include information from a credible source such as a trade association, a university, a reputable
expert or a government agency.

3. Website: Include a link for more helpful information on your website or social media site.

4. Phone: Include a toll-free number for more helpful information.

5. Holiday: The holiday season is a great time for giftgiving tips for your entertainment product or service.
Suggest a stocking-stuffer item that is fun for the whole family, such as a fast paced game for happier holiday

6. Celebrity: Give your story star appeal by including information about a celebrity as a role model for others.

7. Problem Solving: Indicate how your product or service can help readers solve a problem that they may be facing.

8. Relaxation: Suggest affordable activities to help people rest, relax, re-energize and escape from an exhausting

9. Moving Tips: Give readers a checklist including scheduling high-speed Internet, digital cable TV and phone service in advance so that familiar electronic entertainment can be up and running as soon as people move in.

10. Health Benefits: Explain how having fun with a youthful exuberance can be essential to good health and suggest several activities that can help.

11. Entertaining Kids: Suggest interesting, enjoyable and unique activities to help kids learn and gain confidence
for future life experiences.

12. Anniversary: Give a historical perspective for your product or service as it reaches a milestone and include
fun facts, trivia, and inspirational anecdotes.

13. Crafts: Suggest after-school or weekend do-it-yourself craft activities to help kids continue to think critically
and creatively outside the classroom.

14. Robotics: Suggest playful activities that excite, entertain and make kids think as they combine online and
off-line experiences, helping satisfy the desire for personalization and self-expression while improving focus and
fine-motor and problem-solving skills.

15. Streaming: Create an awareness of the opportunities to watch movies and TV on a wide variety of devices
including smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs and game consoles.

16. Superheroes: Inform readers of the wonderful ways heroes can spark a child’s creativity as they think up
scenarios to rescue imaginary friends, pets and toys in danger and create imaginary worlds in which anything is
possible, while boosting the ability to plan and focus in a complex world.

17. Education: Show readers how to turn movie magic into math and science lessons that will excite kids about subjects and careers.

18. Gaming Systems: Suggest a gift that the whole family can enjoy at an affordable price and include
information about the vast selection of family-friendly experiences, like the online gaming community.