Fifteen Tips For SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective way to bring more eyeballs to your message. Here are 15 ways to optimize your results:

    1. Write lively, intriguing headlines and try to include a number. Research suggests people are psychologically attracted to that.
    2. Have long stories to provide more scope for the search engine.
    3. Use short paragraphs, which are easier on the eye.
    4. Use the active voice to retain reader interest.
    5. Use subheads.
    6. Use boldface type.
    7. Use lists.
    8. Cross-post to a variety of social media.
    9. Use photos, illustrations, cartoons and infographics.
    10. Make it clear to the reader that the article is about him or her.
    11.  Update frequently.
    12. Include links to further information on what’s in the article.
    13. Offer answers. People frequently turn to search engines when they have questions. The story should tell how, when and why things happen and what to do about it.
    14. Use lots of synonyms to maximize the number of possible key words.
    15. Make the use of key words sound as natural as possible.


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