Financial Tip Sheet

Boost the Rating on Results of Your Personal Finance Story:


1. Photos: Use beautiful, eye-catching, color photos or informative charts and graphs.

2. Statistics: Include statistics from a credible source and include the source in your article.

3. Expert Advice: Use a byline format offering tips from your spokesperson to establish yourself as the expert in the industry or use a quote from a reliable expert to lend credibility to a story.

4. Website: Include links to a website or social media site for more helpful information.

5. Public Policy Issues: Encourage government action in the public interest.

6. Financial Education: Educate consumers with a financial literacy initiative.

7. Taxes: Tell taxpayers how they can save money at tax time.
College Financing: Offer education gift-giving advice or financing alternatives, including scholarships.

8. Money-Saving Tips: Inform readers about ways to save money each month.

9. Identity Theft: Alert readers about protecting against identity theft.

10. Budget Planning: Inform readers about budget-planning tools.

11. Home Buying and Selling: Give helpful information about home buying and selling, including how readers can get their financial house in order.
Refinancing Options: Show readers how they can save on interest for mortgage, auto and credit card debt.

12. Retirement Planning: Offer tips for making financial decisions, including 401(k) options, and the outlook for Social Security and Medicare.

13. Industry Trends: Alert readers to trends in the financial outlook and offer tips for navigating changes.

14. Credit: Offer tips on a strategic approach to establishing credit for people applying for loans, including personal loans, credit cards, auto loans, private student loans, home equity loans and mortgage loans.