Food, Beverage and Nutrition Tip Sheet

Here are tips to help boost results for your next food feature story


1. Photos: Use beautiful, eye-catching, color photos.

2. Recipes: Give readers a reason to buy your product as part of a grocery store checklist. Earn more placements with editors who like to fill special sections with recipes.

3. Nutrition: Include information about nutri- tional value or how your recipe will help keep people healthy.

4. Celebrity Chef: Give your story star appeal by using a celebrity spokesperson.

5. Cookbook: Use a sample recipe and create an awareness of the book filled with more recipes from your expert.

6. Time-Saving Tips: Keep recipes simple for busy chefs who need quick and easy solutions for mealtime.

7.  Budget-Stretching Ideas: Use ingredients that are easily available and economical.

8. Entertaining Ideas: Use timely, themed ideas for celebrating holidays or other special occasions.

9. Family Friendly: Show how mealtime can be fun and bring families together.

10. Multiple Recipes: Using several short recipes will help you sell more product in a more cost-effective way. Many editors will fill a page by stretching a story with several recipes and photos. A series of short recipes will get double the results for the same budget.

11. Contest: Attract more readers by offering a chance to win cash or other prizes by entering a cooking contest.

12. Travel: Offer advice to people on-the-go for packing something to make quickly while traveling or at their destination.

13. Lunchbox: Suggest nutritious and child-friendly meals that can easily be included in a lunchbox.

14. Cuisine: Create an ambiance by using flavors and visions of a popular tourist destination or event including European, Asian, Mexican, American, Wedding, BBQ, Tailgate party, etc.

15. Pairing: Give expert advice on pairing the right beverage with the complementary foods.