Case Study: Galaxy Press inspires writers and illustrators with a multimedia distribution

Publisher Draws Contest Entries With A Successful Campaign: A Feature News Release, A Video Feature Release and A Radio Feature Release Case Study




Established in 2002 to meet the growing demand for the fiction works of best-selling author L. Ron Hubbard, Galaxy Press is located at Author Services, Inc.



Galaxy Press sponsors an annual contest for writers and illustrators in the science fiction and fantasy genres. The publisher wanted to attract potential entrants and saw NAPS as an effective way of doing so.


Cover all media grounds for maximum contest entries. Using a Contest Corner theme, the contest details, awards, and the works from winners were featured in “See The Future Of Sci-Fi.” A corresponding TV spot, “An Opportunity Of A Lifetime,” visually brought the contest details to stations nationwide. In “It’s No Fantasy--Get Your Work Published,” the radio spot encouraged listeners to make their writing fantasy a reality as it was broadcast throughout the country.



The feature got 890 known placements in print and online. This appeared in all 50 states, with a cumulative reach of 75 million. About 44% of placements were in the top 50 markets, 57% were in the most populous third of the states and 37% were in the wealthiest 25% of states. The article was viewed 920 times on our site.

The 30-second TV spot aired 771 times, reaching 14 states with a cumulative reach of 102.8 million viewers. Of all placements, 97% were in the top 50 markets, 34% were in the most populous third of states and 19% were in the wealthiest quarter of states.

The 30-second radio spot was aired 970 times on radio stations in 30 states with a cumulative reach of 75 million listeners. Of all placements, 32% were in the top 50 markets, 57% were in the most populous third of the states and 52% were in the wealthiest 25% of states.

 "Having looked around for other providers, I am convinced that NAPS is the best way to go for broad dissemination of my releases, be they print, radio or TV."--John Goodwin, President, Galaxy Press


NAPS provides an easy, cost-effective method of getting your story out to nearly every newspaper in the country and thousands of online publications. Instead of just covering the same top publications everyone else in America is trying to get into, you give your top story to practically all of America’s mass media outlets, in a format editors can easily use immediately. We cover America’s 10,000 newspapers with over 200 million in cumulative circulation, about 167 million of which are in the weekly community newspapers.

Video Feature Releases (VFR's) of 30 or 60 seconds each are written, produced and distributed as part of our 23-minute monthly CSNN program for over 1,000 TV stations across America. You should expect 100 to 150+ on-air placements with each VFR, reaching millions of viewers, primarily in the wealthy suburbs of major markets. Most broadcasters will run the entire program as is from start to finish or some may use individual segments.

You can add to your content distribution success by covering more media.  We can get your 30- or 60-second Radio Feature Release (RFR) to radio broadcasters at 6,500+ stations across the U. S. who use your information as filler, primarily during drive time, for news and talk shows.  You should expect about 300 to 400 on-air placements with each release.  Formats include digital downloads via our site and iTunes, and CD's mailed with scripts for those who require those formats, as a convenience to them.  Reports include information about listeners, AQH and CUME.