Getting Massive Media Coverage For Your Site

Reach Millions More Consumers By Covering More Media Drive More Traffic And Build Fans And Followers


The best and brightest tech PR teams promote websites the way new products are introduced:

  1. Cover all media outlets, not only the largest ones. The editors at community news outlets will be delightfully receptive and responsive because those exist primarily in wealthy suburbs, all supported by local advertising, where people have high purchasing power.
    2. Reach 50 to 100 million additional readers, listeners and viewers nationwide, in the publications that get delivered right to their doors.
    3. Build awareness of reasons to visit your site and what helpful information it has to offer.
    4. Report to management, and continue to present pleasing results, including bar charts, graphs and PR treasure maps of placements showing golden opportunities you have created in areas around the major markets so they can see at a glance how successful your PR work has been.

    Existing sites need to maintain their current base while attracting new users. Competing sites can come online overnight. Sending America’s newspapers and radio and TV stations a series of interesting feature news articles about your site on a regular basis will boost your following. The best stories are advice articles with subtle mentions, such as “Ten Tips...” or “How To...” with your plug being one of the many helpful points. Editors like when your article blends in, like a chameleon, with the surrounding articles in the publication.

    Savvy tech PR pros recognize the value that community news outlets offer to cover not only consumers, but also small-business owners, people who have a home office, educators, students, parents, employees who influence buying decisions, and the purchasing agents of businesses, large and small, who get community news delivered to their doors. Community news outlets are all supported by local advertisers, who are mostly small-business owners who follow the news to keep track of their ads and may be in need of the software or hardware that is the subject of the feature news stories.

    Store owners who are the local dealers of merchandise will often include a copy of your article in their windows, if it will help their sales teams to increase business. They may ask for permission to reprint the article to distribute to their salespeople and customers.

    Many editors are doing two or three jobs and welcome helpful features with information from experts on the latest trends in technology, in easy-to-understand terms, showing how the public can benefit, how to improve people’s lives, and how easy it is to access. Those fill news holes in special sections or Sunday issues, so people won’t have to flip through page after page of ads, and because those keep people focused on the pages, helping advertisers to get noticed.

    In a competitive environment, you can get an edge by going above and beyond traditional lists, which are mostly permission based, and being in publications that are in new markets, before your rivals, to our thousands of users who have been our friends for many years.

    Build brand loyalty with stories of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Research shows that consumers are more likely to buy from a company that is behaving responsibly. Let us save you time by having our experts write or edit proposed releases, at no cost or obligation.