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Goodbye Gym Membership—The Reimagined Connected Home Gym Is Here To Stay


(NAPSI)—After nearly a year at home and with access to more exercise resources and choices, including online workouts and classes, it’s easier than ever before to exercise from the comfort of your home. If you’re ready to commit to an at-home fitness routine, exercise physiologist and Bowflex fitness advisor Tom Holland offers advice for creating a home gym to fit your space and budget. 

Stay Connected While In The Zone 

According to Holland, working out at home has never been easier—or as personalized—thanks to connected fitness equipment that gives you everything you need to get individual training, coaching and personal entertainment. For example, with the JRNY digital fitness platform ( and iOS app, enjoy personalized adaptive workouts, on-demand classes and stream your favorite shows. Connect with like-minded people and take a run along Venice Beach or through Zion National Park through Explore the World on the new Bowflex T22 treadmill ( Bonus: it’s space-efficient as it folds up for easy storage. Holland adds that this kind of technology offers experiences you won’t find at the gym. 

Determine Your Workout Style 

After you’ve identified your fitness goals and budget, the next step is to figure out which fitness solutions and equipment will keep you motivated and healthy. New equipment choices mean new options to help you enjoy your workout. Holland recommends incorporating a mix of both strength and cardio into your exercise regimen. A great combo, for example, is the compact Bowflex M9 Max Trainer ( machine and Bowflex SelectTech 840 kettlebell ( or Bowflex SelectTech 2080 barbell ( 

Choose The Right Space 

Once you know what types of workouts you’ll be doing, Holland says the way to choose the right space is to start by asking yourself how much room you really need. Enough space for a treadmill or swinging a kettlebell will look a lot different from space for primarily doing yoga. Imagine yourself in the space and whether you’ll enjoy working out in it. If you are tight on indoor space, a Tuff Shed building ( offers another option to create a custom backyard home gym. 

Now for the easy part—using your home gym. Holland recommends a mid-week virtual circuit challenge with friends or simply hitting the treadmill and weights for a mind-clearing solo workout. Without the limitations, time-outlay and costs around the traditional gym membership, the reimagined home gym is here to stay. 

"Working out at home has never been easier or as personalized, thanks to connected fitness equipment that gives you what you need for individual training, coaching and personal entertainment, says exercise physiologist and fitness advisor Tom Holland."