Granite is Tough: Taking Care Of It Isn't


Granite Is Tough; Taking Care OfIt Isn’t (NAPSA)—Gleaming granite countertops and spa-like bathrooms made of natural stone are popular choices in homeinteriors, but they won’t be worth their weight in gold for long if not properly maintained. Until now, everyday multipurpose cleaners were often considered the only granite cleaning option outside of soap and water, despite the fact that many of them actually damage natural stone surfaces. Do's & Don'ts of Stone Care Do keep floors swept or vacuumed regularly Douse a coaster or gliders under chairs and other furniture Do keep granite andnatural stone clean and dry around cooking surfaces and sinks Do makesure caulking, epoxy andgrout joints are dean and mildew-free Don't use everyday household cleaners on granite or naturalstone Don't use a vacuum that can cause scratching Don't drag heavy objects across stonefloors Don't allow water to stand aroundsinks, which causes deterioration of the stone over time To learn more about proper stonecare, visit Natural stone is durable, but still needs proper care to maintain its inherent beauty, according to executives from European Natural Stone, a company that imports, fabricates and installs natural stone. When treated properly,it is a low-maintenance surface that will hold its luster longer than any other surface on earth and can increase the value of your home, they said. Many products claim to be “safe” on natural and synthetic stone, but few are specifically designed to clean, treat and protect the surfaces. Granite Gold, a new stone care productline, safely cleans and conditions countertops, floors and wall surrounds madeof granite, marble, travertine and other natural stone. “Everyday household cleaners break down the seal of natural stone, allowing stains to set more easily,” said Lenny Sciarrino, CEO of Granite Gold. “The damage caused by these products increases the likelihood that stone will have to be refurbished or replaced, which is a costly venture.” The Granite Gold Stone Care System features a Daily Cleaner, Daily Cleaner Wipes, a Polish/Protector, a Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner and a Penetrating Sealer. The line protects and extends the life of stone countertops and gives consumers high-quality cleaning power. The line is non-toxic, safe on all food preparation surfaces, features a streak-free formula and is easy to use. “We've used our 75 years of experience in the stone industry to develop a simple set of do’s and don'ts, available at, that will help consumers properly care for their natural and synthetic stone,” said Sciarrino. For more information or to purchase the products, visit or call 800- 475-7866.