Your Lawn

Great Grass Ideas


(NAPSI)—For a lawn that turns the neighbors green with envy, heed these four hints:

1. Water well: Water your lawn early in the morning when temperatures are cool to cut down on diseases and destructive insects.

2. Feed it: Use fertilizer that provides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

3. Mulch it: Mulch prevents evaporation and weed growth, helps drainage, encourages root development and cools the soil.

4. Mow wisdom: Cut the grass early in the morning or in the evening, not during the heat of the day. Cut off no more than a third of the grass blade.

Want to make mowing easier and still get a beautifully groomed lawn? Consider a robotic mower. Models like the Honda Miimo, powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery, do the mowing for you. Because a dealer-installed boundary wire goes around the area to be mowed, the mower detects the electric field and stays within it, monitoring its own charge and returning to its docking station at need. Independent 360-degree sensors and a floating cover detect solid contacts. And, if Miimo comes too close to a person or pet, the lawn mower stops, turns, and moves in a different direction.

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