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A new Gene-Sight [jean-site] mental health monitor national poll has found that two in three women with depression or anxiety say they have reached their breaking point. Yet, more than half wait a year before seeking treatment. This can take a serious toll on their mental health. Advises Doctor B-J Fancher [Begin Sound Bite] “When you can’t shake it off anymore, that’s when you know that you need some help. It’s not just a bad day. It’s been a bad couple of weeks and that’s when you need to seek help.” [End Sound Bite] Experts, including Doctor Rachael Earls, stress these conditions worsen over time, and can drastically affect daily life if left untreated. [Begin Sound Bite] “It is critical to receive treatment for mental health because we know that mental health conditions are highly co-morbid with other physical diseases, such as cancer, stroke, heart disease.” [End Sound Bite] The poll also reported that women with depression or anxiety found medication and therapy were the treatment options they found most helpful. By asking for help and getting proper treatment from a health-care provider, women can take control of their mental health and get back to being their best. To learn more, visit Gene-Sight at g-e-n-e-s-i-g-h-t--dot--com.