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If you have been feeling a bit of brain fog lately—you know that fudgy feeling of not being able to concentrate in Zoom meetings and forgetting things? Well, you aren’t alone, and new research shows the isolation of the last year can impact how the brain works. 

But the good news is that there are several nootropic (new-trope-ick) solutions—dietary supplements created to support cognitive performance—that help clear away the brain fog. 

Neurohacker has developed several products in the Qualia line to help cognition and focus. The Qualia line includes three comprehensive supplements to be taken separately or in combination—Qualia Mind, Qualia Life and Qualia Night—and will give your brain a stronger edge as normal life resumes. 

Qualia Mind helps cognition and focus, Qualia Life supports better aging by providing nutrition for your cells. Qualia Night is formulated to help you achieve better quality sleep and amplify next day energy and productivity. Qualia products are carefully crafted formulas that use potent, high-purity, vegan ingredients. To learn more, go to neuro-hacker--dot--com.