Hints For Homeowners


For homeowners seeking to enhance their property and support their lifestyle interests, adding a free-standing hobby shop, vehicle storage building or recreational facility continues to be a highly popular trend across the nation, says Andy Brown, Morton Buildings suburban product line manager. [Begin Sound Bite] “Imagine a place where your hobbies don’t just live, but thrive—a custom hobby shop for your woodworking projects, a secure nook for your classic car, or an inspiring corner for your art, designs, and crafts. It’s more than just storage for your boats, R-Vs, A-T-Vs and other valued assets; it’s a beautifully designed sanctuary that reflects your passions. These spaces are where family gatherings become more joyful and where friends come together to create lasting memories. Your leisure pursuits deserve a special place, tailored just for them.” [End Sound Bite] To help, Brown offers tips for planning a new hobby, storage or recreational building. [Begin Sound Bite]So how do we bring this vision to life? Start by designing a space tailored to your activities, not the other way around. Think about functionality, like door placement for easy access and windows that let you oversee your domain. As your family’s interests evolve, so should your space—anticipate what the coming years may bring. And when it comes to aesthetics, let’s make sure your new addition is in visual harmony with your home. Because creating this space is not just building, it’s bringing your family’s unique story to life.” [End Sound Bite] From hobby shops and recreational buildings to storage facilities, Morton buildings are designed to meet your lifestyle needs. You can save now through February on select new buildings during their Building Value Days event. Certain restrictions may apply. Visit Morton--buildings--dot--com to learn more.