Home Tip Sheet

How to Build Up Results for Your Home Section Story:


1. Photos: Use beautiful, eye-catching, color photos, infographics or informative charts and graphs.

2. Expert Advice: Use a byline format offering tips from your spokesperson or use quotes from a reliable expert to lend credibility to the story.

3. Statistics: Include statistics from a credible industry expert or government agency and mention the source in your article.

4. Save Money: Inform readers how they can save on energy costs and home repairs or get the most for their money.

5. Safety: Tell readers how they can protect their health, family, possessions and their property value.

6. Decorating Trends: Showcase the latest looks in home décor for a dream home and suggest how readers can make a design statement that will be a good investment.

7. DIY: Suggest to readers how they can renew and improve their homes with easy and do-it- yourself projects.

8. Maintenance: Give advice on regular home maintenance that should be done to keep up appearances, cleanliness and functionality.

9. Organization: Offer tips on how to create a more harmonious environment by making better and more efficient use of a small or neglected space and clearing out clutter.

10. Technology: Alert readers to benefits of the latest technologies for appliances, home entertainment systems and maintenance equipment.

11. Entertainment: Advise readers how to prepare for home entertaining with party-planning ideas.

12. Comfort: Create an awareness of the ways in which readers can enjoy more comfort and improve quality of life by living large within a reasonable budget.

13. Lawn and Garden: Give tips on outdoor living spaces, lawn care and creating a more beautiful landscape that will help increase property value with greater curb appeal.

14. Websites: Include links to a website or social media site for more helpful information.