The Most Admired Companies To Work For

How Leaders Win The Trust And Respect Of Employees


By Dorothy York, President and CEO of North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS)

Top management at the most admired companies to work for are leading by example, with a strong work ethic, and going above and beyond to care for employees. 

One of the easiest ways for managers to develop a stellar reputation, is to take the best possible care of employees.  This makes good business sense, because it helps, not only building the morale of the staff, but also reducing costs of apathy, absenteeism, turnover and so much more. 

The reputation of management can be bolstered, if it is seen as fair, responsible and competent.  Trust and respect are essential elements of productive leadership. 

Happy employees are productive employees and will help the team by being ambassadors of good will for the company.  Investors, creditors, customers, and prospective candidates for employment will see the company in a more positive light and be more willing to do business with a management team that is able to demonstrate good professional leadership skills with a clear vision for a bright future and a promising path forward. 

Here are several ways that good managers can earn confidence and appreciation from staff members:

1- Offer the best possible benefits package, including:

  1. Generous paid time off (PTO) policies, for vacation time, sick days and holidays.
  2. Top of the line health insurance plan, including dental and vision insurance, which will help protect employees and family members, reducing the need for PTO.
  3. Best in class retirement benefits, including a well performing 401k plan.
  4. Life insurance to protect family members with a cost-effective savings plan.
  5. Enhanced disability insurance, beyond what is required by law.

2- Exhibit socially responsible behavior, including:

  1. Having environmentally friendly, sustainability policies, such as recycling, energy efficiency, conservation, waste management and emission controls.
  2. Supporting charitable organizations for purpose driven philanthropic causes, such as humanitarian relief, child welfare, health, education, and senior care. Consider starting a matching plan to help employees to direct funds to those causes they care about most.
  3. Schedule team-building activities to support good causes such as helping the homeless by building housing, volunteering in a soup kitchen or delivering supplies for a disaster relief effort.
  4. Diversity and inclusion policies that are not just for checking off a box, for quotas, but also have an element proactivity and zero tolerance for bigotry and discriminatory behavior with regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

3- Invest in professional development, including:

  1. Starting with a sophisticated and well thought out on boarding program, which helps employees with goal setting, working well with others, understanding steps necessary to advance and knowing what the rewards will be for excellent performance.
  2. Training for basic competency on the job and offering additional training for growth potential, from both internal staff members and external consultants.
  3. Offering advanced education opportunities, funded in whole or in part by the company, for those who qualify and desire to advance professionally. Programs could include seminars, courses, or degree programs, which are consistent with company goals.

4-  Communicate company success stories to employees, and other stakeholders, including:

  1. Innovative ideas, products or services that the company has recently offered.
  2. Quality control initiatives, to help build and strengthen the business.
  3. Wise uses of company assets, such as investments in new technology, software, or anything that will help the company to be more prosperous.
  4. New business wins which the company is particularly proud of.

Employees and other stakeholders in a company can rest assured that a company is well run and that they will have a positive experience with a socially responsible, innovative, and strong management team.  Good people are the most important assets that a company has and appreciating a job well done is one of the best motivating techniques a manager can use, and can help retain good, loyal workers, by recognizing good performance, which should be evaluated at frequent intervals. 

I am thankful for the wonderfully talented staff that I have had the good fortune to lead and I am grateful every day for the fine work they have done to support our company, some of which includes life saving messages to Americans nationwide.  I am proud and honored to have helped to empower our clients, the public and my staff, to do an excellent job and to live happier, healthier and safer lives.  If you love the job that you do, then your work will be your pleasure. As challenging as my job has been, it has been a labor of love.   

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