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Keeping Livestock Healthy Made Easier


(NAPSI)—For livestock producers, even the best-laid healthcare plans can be waylaid by unexpected disease outbreak, illness or other conditions that impact their animals.  

Fortunately, effective, economical, generic antibiotics can treat a wide range of livestock illnesses, says Megan Schnur, DVM. 

“Generic products are widely prescribed and used today by livestock producers to safely and successfully treat a broad range of health conditions,” explains Dr. Schnur. “Just like name-brand products, the generics are extensively tested and proven solutions that producers can include in their health management toolbox, and many offer significant cost savings and other enhancements over their pioneer counterparts.” 

Generics adhere to the same stringent FDA requirements in safety, efficacy and manufacturing as name-brand products and some offer appealing differences in formulation, packaging, withdrawal times and other things. For example, Dr. Schnur says, Norbrook’s Norfenicol offers a less viscous, more syringeable formulation and a plastic bottle with hanger to make it more convenient to use.  

In addition, the availability of generics fuels R&D development and creates a catalyst for companies to develop new products to prevent and treat disease more effectively. 

“Generic companies such as Norbrook are constantly looking for ways to add value to products, creating more options for the care for their livestock,” adds Dr. Schnur. “Today there are more options available to producers that are highly effective and less expensive in treating sick livestock. I’d encourage them to visit with their veterinarian to explore what generic products best fit their operations based on the health issues their livestock face.” 

Norbrook Laboratories has been developing, manufacturing and marketing products for the global market for 50 years. In addition to Norfenicol, several of the company’s more widely used products include Noromycin 300 LA, Cefenil RTU and Enroflox—all approved to treat a wide spectrum of diseases and infections in livestock.