A-G-S. Seventy-five years of caring for older adults. At the American Geriatrics Society, we love our members! We want to hear what you love about your A-G-S community. Geriatrics is caring for who cared for us. A-G-S celebrates members like me. Enhancing life quality. Older peoples’ superheroes. The best colleagues. Inspiring. Fun. Passion. Collaboration, community, commitment. Continuously learning. Complex. Challenge and pride. Helping me help others. Advocate. Educate. Vibrant community. Compassion. Educate clinicians researchers. Hero of the elderly. Brilliant, kind, creative committed leaders, colleagues and friends. Meaningful. Mission driven. Listen. My peers at A-G-S make me a better geriatrician. Working with the best people in the world. Sharing in wisdom. Friends and connections. !cosar. Moral support. Amazing mission and greatest staff. Fabulous people. Greatest mission. The best health care. Mentoring. Community. Future of health care. Community service and teamwork. Connecting with like-minded colleagues. Respect. Cool collaboration with colleagues. Jags subscription. Geriatrics care online. Advocacy. Great colleagues and staff. Scientific discovery. Geriatrics never gets old. It’s a community. It’s a culture. Thanks to our members who participated in making this video. The joy you take in the work you do inspires us every day. Share what you love about your A-G-S community. Send us a note at info-amger-[the at sign]american-geriatrics--dot--org. Learn more about A-G-S, visit american-geriatrics--dot--org. A-G-S, seventy-five years of caring for older adults.