Media Opportunities: Successful Techniques For Creating More Coverage

Three Ways To Increase Media Coverage


You can give your top story thousands of additional major market placements by giving releases to additional
media, newspapers, blogs, radio and TV.
1. Newspapers—You will bring in 1,000 placements in online publications and 100 to 400+ known print placements for each release covering 10,000+ newspapers nationwide, in all available digital formats plus hard copy, CD’s and “camera-ready” proofs in color and in black and white.
What You Accomplish
1) More placements in top-500 dailies.
2) More placements in the other 1,000+ dailies. A release to all 1,500+ dailies gets three times as many placements as a release to only 500. All dailies have 50 million+ circulation combined.
3) More clips from the 8,500+ weeklies with more than 150 million circulation cumulatively.
4) More placements from more than 15,000 blogs.
5) More management happiness. They will be thrilled when you show thousands of major market placements for the message that management cares about most.
What You Receive
We send you proof of placements as screen shots, scanned-in copies and links, plus a usage map, bar charts and pie charts showing that you’ve been successful where it means the most, in the wealthiest and most populous communities nationwide.
Our Guarantee
We guarantee complete satisfaction with each release or another one free. You’ll never need the guarantee if you let us propose and distribute what editors want. We have worked for thousands of clients over 60 years and we use “big data” from our database to determine which types of releases are getting the most placements and which formats editors prefer to receive.
Three Basic Approaches
1) The Salvo—When you want America to know your key facts promptly, getting out a set of 12 feature news releases will produce over 15,000 known placements online and in print. It’s not only the number of placements but the millions you reach and influence that matters most.
2) The Series—The tens of thousands of media outlets nationwide are hungry for a series of feature news articles bylined by your expert. We can turn your speech, leaflet or information from your site into a proposed series.
3) Individual Releases—You create 100 to 400 known placements in print plus another 1,000 online with each feature news release, primarily in wealthy suburbs of major markets.
2. Radio—Radio reaches over 150 million Americans daily. There are 6,500+ stations that are hungry for our scripts, downloadable broadcast-quality audio and CD’s. The same kind of information you use for features online and in print can be written for radio. You get 300 to 400+ on-air placements per Radio Feature Release (RFR) from contacts that have been using our RFR’s for decades for our thousands of clients, not just a list of “news director” contacts.
3. TV—You can quickly and easily create 100 to 150 on-air TV placements, all in major markets, by releasing a Video Feature Release (VFR), usually 30 seconds or 60 seconds in length. We will turn your information and footage into a proposed VFR within a day. We include that as part of our CSNN (Consumer Science News & Notes) program that is used in its entirety or as individual segments by news shows and talk show hosts at 1,000+ stations nationwide.

FREE: Send us your background information and you’ll get a proposal from our experts, at no cost or
obligation, that will get marvelous results if you approve. Let’s get started!