Fraudulent schemes related to the coronavirus—COVID-19—pandemic have arrived. Dramatic news coverage can be an opportunity for scammers to pump inaccurate information into the marketplace. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect your finances and your personal information. For example, there’s the FINRA Broker-Check, a free online tool to get information on brokers and investment advisers. Also, read a company’s S-E-C filings. Verify these reports against promotional information put out by the company. Exercise caution if they don’t align. And be suspicious of solicitations to invest when products are still in the development stage or if the company’s balance sheets show only losses. In addition, the FINRA Scam Meter can help you tell if an investment you’re considering might be a scam.  For further ideas on how to protect your money, or to file a complaint or a tip, visit  FINRA--dot--org--slash--Learn-More.