How Google Is Helping Journalists In The Digital Age

News Organizations Are Using New Data Tools To Make Editorial Decisions


By Dorothy York, President and CEO of North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS)

News organizations are making data-driven decisions, for business and editorial choices, based on new tools available from the Google News Initiative, to help journalists thrive in the digital age.  The future of journalism is being built with the help of Google, which is teaming up with traditional media to better serve the public.

Here are several data tools and resources from Google that journalists are using for reporting in a crisis:

1- Coronavirus Search Trends

2- Google Fact Check Tools 

3- Online Training Workshops 

4- Google Meet For Broadcasters 

Google works with journalists in three main ways:

1- Products: building products to meet the needs of news organizations and grow their digital businesses

2- Partnerships: collaborating with news organizations to solve important business and industry-wide challenges

3- Programs: developing and supporting programs to drive innovation across the news industry

The future of journalism depends on big tech companies and traditional media working together.

Here are several ways that Google has helped news partners:

1-  storytelling

2- monetization

3- distribution and engagement

4- data and infrastructure

As media organizations continue to evolve, to meet the needs of a digital world, Google is on the forefront of positive change for the benefit of journalists and audiences they serve.

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