Newsworthy Travel Trends


If you’re like most Americans these days, you’d like to get out of the house. In fact, eighty-three percent of respondents to a survey by peer-to-peer R-V rental marketplace R-V-share are ready to travel in the coming months. Almost half want to go somewhere in nature, one in five to a beach and fifteen percent to see their families. 

Despite this urge to get up and go, many are still reluctant to fly, so more than two out of three are likely to consider traveling by R-V, looking to the ease of travel and social distancing they provide. 

For many R-V owners, renting their rig can be a way to make some serious cash. In fact, the average owner who rents on the R-V-share platform can earn up to sixty-thousand dollars a year in rental income depending on R-V type. To help evaluate the income potential of renting your vehicle, R-V-share offers an Earnings Calculator. The company also provides liability insurance, rental coaching and twenty-four-seven roadside assistance. 

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