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(NAPSI)—Your organization can be more profitable—and even more fun to work at—when the board is running well. Yet even the best board can sometimes do with a little improvement. Dysfunctions can range from challenges with different personalities and agendas to lacking a unified system of record, or rather, an inefficient, ambiguous approach to documenting goals and milestones, measuring performance and demonstrating accountability.

Questions To Contemplate

Consider these eight questions to determine if your organization’s board could be better run:

1. Are we providing the transparency and accountability that’s expected?

2. Are we as productive as we should be?

3. Are we all on the same page with our mission and vision?

4. Are we setting and monitoring the right goals to move our organization forward?

5. Are we anticipating and managing change proactively?

6. How is the onboarding experience for new board members?

7. How effectively are we engaging with stakeholders and the community?

8. How secure and compliant are our systems and processes?

Your Answer

If you’re not happy with your answers to these questions, you may find a cloud-based unified board portal useful. It can provide online document hosting, automated agendas and centralized scheduling, together with strategic planning such as goal creation, adoption and monitoring.

At the same time, it’s secure, dependable and always there when members need access. It can provide the functionality you need with minimal requirements and reduce the cost of inefficient and unproductive processes.

One first-of-its-kind board portal that delivers innovative software and services to help governing boards achieve success is NXTBoard. This platform combines both board management and strategic planning features in a single, simple-to-use interface. It lets members plan all aspects of a board meeting and serves as a central repository for institutional knowledge. Boards can use it for the following:

• Board collaboration

• Calendar/scheduling

• Automating agendas

• Tracking time spent in meetings and on topics

• Minutes recording and archiving

• Document storage, annotation and tracking

• Board package creation and dissemination

• Creating, adopting and evaluating goals—and linking those goals to organizational outcomes

• Monitoring progress with board reports, milestones and task lists

• Public posting of board materials.

The platform is securely hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device, through any Web browser.

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