Are you juggling financial priorities and looking for ways to save for retirement? There could be good news to make it a little easier. The I-R-S Saver’s Credit could help you cut your federal income taxes when you save for retirement through a four-oh-one-kay, four-oh-three-bee, an Individual Retirement Account—an I-R-A—or an ABLE account. Yet, less than half of U-S workers are aware that this credit exists. According to Catherine Collinson, C-E-O and president of non-profit Transamerica Institute including its Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies: [Begin Sound Bite] “Eligible taxpayers can subtract this tax credit dollar-for-dollar from their federal income taxes.” [End Sound Bite] To further boost your retirement savings, she suggests you consider having any refund you get deposited directly into an I-R-A. You may also qualify for the I-R-S Free File program that provides online tax preparation tools, for free. Learn more about the Saver’s Credit at trans-america-institute--dot--org and I-R-S--dot--gov.