Pointers On Pets


You can have healthier, happier pets and a better planet for them to live on—and lower your costs—with a simple switch in your pet’s diet. Here’s why. 

Studies suggest a vegan diet can help dogs live longer and feel healthier. When you consider a dog’s diet, explains Doctor Abril Estrada, they’re usually eating the same foods every day. Rotating protein sources so your dog gets some from plants and some from meat can reduce the risk of allergies and other conditions and improve their microbiome. And all that can mean fewer visits to the vet, saving you money. 

As for protecting the Earth, pets constitute twenty-five to thirty percent of the environmental effects of animal production in the use of land, water, fossil fuel, phosphate and biocides in the United States. So, if the county’s estimated ninety-million dogs consumed less meat, we might all be better off. 

You can learn more about plant-based food for dogs developed by veterinarians, food scientists, and board-certified animal nutritionists from the experts at Wild Earth by visiting wild-earth--dot--com.