PR Asset Management Opportunities: Maximizing The Yield On Your Informational Assets


Senior PR Executives are teaching top management 10 realities about PR assets that can protect and grow
their return on investment:
1. Information is an asset, like cash, that can be invested or left idle.
2. A high-level PR skill is recognizing informational assets, facts that can be invested profitably.
3. Informational assets invested, by dissemination, yield public responses that are profitable.
4. The mass media are glad to publish and broadcast information that helps the public with health, technology,
homemaking, family finances, travel or public policy decisions.
5. The mass media include 10,000+ newspapers, 1,000+ TV talk shows and 6,500 radio stations.
6. Newspaper releases get 100 to 400 placements in print and over 1,000+ online.
7. Video Feature Releases to TV stations get 100 to 150 on-air placements.
8. Radio Feature Releases get 300 to 400 placements.
9. PR wisdom, like wisdom of investment advisers, is deciding when and how to invest assets, which informational as-sets to disseminate and through which channels of distribution.
10. Like trusting a surgeon with your health, instead of using a scalpel on yourself, management trusts PR experts to go beyond traditional lists of top media outlets to thousands more to get maximum yield for the message.

Protective PR:
Visionary PR executives are helping to prevent losses by creating a bank of goodwill to draw from when a crisis occurs.
There are several ways to protect management with mass media releases, including information that answers questions about how the company is serving the public interest:
1. What good are we, not just to our stockholders, but also to the public?
2. What have we got that shows it? A speech, annual report, consumer information in leaflets or online, a testimonial from a lobbyist, informational ads?
3. What is our corporate résumé, our history of achievements in serving the public interest?
4. Which mass media outlets should we cover?
Management is safer from attacks from the media if they are known for doing good deeds. Alerting the media about your corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives is a great way to build brand loyalty and employee morale because most people like companies that behave responsibly, with good deeds. You can build a relationship of trust between your company and millions of people, including the general public and the media, which are grateful to receive your helpful information. By doing a series of feature releases with advice from your expert, you will receive the benefits of a public that is better informed and enlightened.

Cherished by management are PR executives who recognize informational assets that others might miss. A difference between superstar managers and others is superior insight on creating more value and a bigger bang from existing assets. Top PR executives create millions in extra exposure by turning consumer literature into a series of feature news releases.

Marketing PR: What The Experts Are Doing:
A growing number of PR savants see the PR job as not just persuading consumers to buy but helping them to buy by giving helpful information. The mass media are hungry for helpful information, such as “Ten Tips...” or “How To...,” which will attract more readers and help fill special sections with relevant content. If you give 50 to 100 million people helpful information through the media, business from even a small percentage can mean quite a large number of dollars.