Prepare Your Deck For Winter


Prepare Your Deck For Winter (NAPSA)—As you put away your patio furniture and begin to rake the leaves, it’s also time to prepare your deck for the long winter ahead. The key to keeping your deck looking great for years is to protect it from winter’s rain, sleet, snow and ice. And it’s easy if you follow this advice from the deck care experts at Wolman Wood Care Products. Prepare and restore: Clean your weathered deck thoroughly to remove ground-in dirt, grayed surface fibers, and stains from mold, mildew and algae. New decking should be prepped before coating to open wood pores and remove barriers to penetration, such as mill glaze on new cedar. For pressure-treated wood, use Wolman DeckBrite Wood Cleaner & Coating Prep, an acid and chlorine-free, oxygen-powered powder concentrate that is tough on stains yet safe to use near plant life and shrubs. If you’re not sure of your wood type, use Wolman Deck & Fence Brightener liquid concentrate. It is formulated to restore all wood—even tannin-rich woods like cedar, redwood, mahogany and other exotic hardwoods. Both products clean and restore wood to its natural beauty without bleaching or yellowing. The fast-acting formulas loosen and lift dirt, stains and discoloration in just 10 minutes. And they are easy to use—just mix with water, spray on, brush in and rinse off with a garden hose. For previously coated decks, strip any faded or deteriorating finish with Wolman DeckStrip Stain & Finish Remover. It removes both oil and latex solid or olfe -. J € Protect your deck from the ele- ments and keepit looking great. semi-transparent stains and clear finishes and prepares your deck for the reapplication of waterrepellent finishes or stains. Protect your deck from the elements: After cleaning, it’s important to apply a water-repellent finish like Wolman RainCoat, F&P or DuraStain to your deck. Formulated to stop rain, sleet, snow and ice from penetrating wood surfaces, Wolman water- repellent coatings minimize water damage such as splitting or warping. The products offer a guarantee against water damage, and provide long-lasting protection, so you won’t have to reapply a new coat year after year. Plus, they are available in a variety of colors and opacity levels—from totally clear to sheer, transparent natural wood tones to semi-transparent shades—so you can protect your deck while achieving virtually any look you desire. For more information on Wolman water-repellent finishes, wood cleaners and strippers, call 732-469-8100, or visit www.wol for more helpful deck care tips.